Flow river flow…

I love the questions that some of you send to me from time to time. As I thought through one such question tonight, I was thinking about the promise of power to witness to Jesus that Jesus promised would come to the first believers “in not many days time.”

As we look at Peter after receiving the Spirit as He was poured out on the day of Pentecost, part of the power seems to have been not only a release from cowardice but a finding of a new confidence in the truth of Christ. He seems to be seeing clearly what before has been hidden to his understanding.

No doubt teaching from the Risen Lord contributed to that, but I get the feeling Peter is speaking forth revelation as he is receiving it there and then. Have you discovered that? I have discovered it when preaching. I have discovered the same dynamic happening when pastoring and even when speaking with some of you as we have talked about the things of God together! As I share what I know, more opens to my understanding even as I am speaking! It is a sort of law of the Kingdom of God. Give away what you have and more will be given to you.

Don’t hold back from speaking about Jesus till you know more. Share more and you will know more. It will kick start the anointing within you that is there within every believer according to the Apostle John. Yes, go on and learn more. The Bible itself encourages that we study with our minds, but it is not an either or. Give what you know and the Holy Spirit will show you know things you didn’t know you knew! It is a God thing! You will find yourself putting your hand to your mouth and saying with holy amazement and even fear, “Where did that come from?!” Rejoice and even laugh with God as you catch your breath again…and speak on!

God bless


One comment on “Flow river flow…

  1. Angela says:

    There is both beauty and excitement in this message, very attractive!
    I am discovering that the Word for Today message via UCB is also clarifying most beautifully, over the last four days, how incredible is the blessing when the reality of desire/s being satisfied begins to unfold in life.
    This is when it is His desire planted within us. I am honoured, speechless, privileged, amazed!


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