David Pawson once said that his favourite name/title for Jesus was “Yes!” Jesus is God’s “Yes” to all His promises. I had a dream last night in which I was looking into an oven. I saw cakes representing promises God has made, which I have depended on in prayer. The cakes were being warmed and were rising, though they were still in that process and were not yet ready. The dream greatly encouraged me. I woke up with peace in my heart concerning one or two matters in particular.

Perhaps the dream that encouraged me will encourage you too, if you are living in a “waiting” time, which of course, in the deepest sense and the most positive sense is true of every believer.

It is not quite a daily routine for me, but I often start my day by saying and declaring to myself, to God, to any spiritual force or influence that may be listening in, “I believe God.” Not just I believe in Him – of course I do that: how could I not trust the God who bore the curse of my sin for me that I might be saved? However, as well as believing in Him, I find it a good thing to say “I believe God.” I believe in what He has said and promised in the Word that He has breathed, the Bible, the only book in all of time and history that is God-breathed, the only book we can trust as a revelation of the only God. I believe God, I believe that Jesus is God’s “Yes” to all He has said about Himself and to all He has promised. Eternity will show that not one of the Lord’s good promises has ever failed.

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Timely for me too: not only regarding a thrice repeated vision given late in February but also for two more ‘cakes’ in my life with Him.
    I have had doubts about, and attacks on these promises. I decided yesterday evening to trust Him, give up fears, and prayed Isaiah 41:10,13, and recalled how He reached down to me in the vision, extending His right hand to help me to stand up and in order to lead and guide me into His promises. That meant I slept very well and woke with my heart sending the sweetness of fulfilment coming.


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