“Sorry, I’ll need to cancel…”

Over the last wee while, bereavement has led to me having to cancel one or two arrangements I had made with people. There were just some situations which I knew I could not handle this early on after my Mum’s death. I felt bad doing that, because I think that keeping our word is a good sign of where we are with the Lord, and breaking it for any reason should never feel like an easy thing to do even if it is done for unavoidable reasons that anybody would understand. In Psalm 15 the questions is posed, “O Lord…who shall dwell in your holy hill?” One of the many characteristics we are then told about the person who does indeed dwell in closeness to the Lord is this: they swear to their own hurt and do not change (Verse 4). In everyday, simple terms, it is good to be people who keep our word even when it is not easy and may indeed cost us a lot to do so. That is part of living in fellowship with the Lord.

Perhaps you will face a choice today: you have made a promise to someone, but something else comes up that you really want to do, or the opportunity for some advantage is offered to you that others might say you would be a fool to miss out on, or the possibility is presented of spending time with someone you really want to spend time with. What will you do? Will you keep your word, even though it is going to cost you something to do so? 

Of course in a world such as ours, in the frailty of being human, there will be times when we cannot keep our word. That is very different from not keeping our word because despite being free and able to do so we decide not to, for one reason or another. Whatever the reason, not keeping our word puts a spiritual sense of distance between ourselves and the Lord as well as probably hurting or disappointing the other person involved, who despite perhaps graciously assuring you it is “OK” will probably feel devalued. Keeping our word at cost shows we are getting to know the One who keeps His Word to His own hurt.

This is not moralism. This is about knowing who God is and learning to walk as His chosen child, holding His hand…

If you were thinking about phoning someone today to say, “I’m sorry, but I will need to cancel…,” maybe just maybe you should think again…

God bless


3 comments on ““Sorry, I’ll need to cancel…”

  1. Angela says:

    Psalm 15 is one that resonates deeply with me but the Lord knows when we need time alone or just with the comforting presence of loved ones. Grief is a process. Each time we experience the loss and feel the pain, it enables healthy grieving that finally reaches the bottom of the well of grief. We don’t forget but with healthy grief we can savour the good and wonderful and treasure that whilst allowing farewells.
    May you, and others in similar grief, come through with His comfort and counsel for healthy grieving and happy memories intact and remaining part of who you are.


  2. catriona says:

    We did miss you at Ffald y Brenin but this was not the time for you to be giving out as leader when you needed time to be walking along a path with Jesus one to one. May He bless all your memories with Comfort. And God willing there will be other opportunities for you to visit the special places He has in store for you.


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