Safe Places

Thinking back to gloriously happy days of ministry in Wester Hailes. It was a consistent pattern that in an atmosphere of grace and healing those Christians who thought they were strong soon realised they were not. Having become part of us to give they realised there were areas of their story still needing touched by the healing of Jesus. The only people who didn’t stay around us very long were those who thought they had no need of a physician because they were saved and strong. True not just of members but of staff too. Having come to serve they realised their need of healing and help. They found out they were there by the grace of God for fuller purposes of grace than they were aware of when they first arrived, gifted and with a sense of call.

You may be ministering to others this weekend. Remember as you do that you too are in need of a physician…and always will be until the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus…

You need to remember that most especially when you are involved in itinerant ministry. It is the most dangerous form of ministry I know. I have seen people who fell with a great fall because they believed the introductions they received away from “home” before they got up to speak…God save me from that, as in this season of admittedly partial recovery (felt, though not backed up by tests, which show continuing slow decline!) I tend to preach from place to place or event to event , conference to conference in Scotland and occasionally further afield, as health permits and wisdom dictates. May I never believe the fliers! Oh for safe spiritual homes, local congregations of accountability and grace. If we are without such a home, may God lead us to one.

God bless


2 comments on “Safe Places

  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    Kenny you have been a wonderful ambassador for Gods kingdom coming to Scotland. I have attended Clan and have really enjoyed it, and also reading your blog, such a refreshing and positive outlook on the church today. God bless you Kenny keep up the great work for the Lord.


  2. Rosa says:

    God bless you with continuing wisdom and humility that underpins everything you bring from the Lord. And may your health continue to improve in spite of evidence to the contrary.


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