Thank you Mr. Rogers

One of the unexpected blessings in New Zealand was going to the Cinema and watching “A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood” starring Tom Hanks. I would not have chosen to see the film were it not for the encouragement of David, my Son, without whom I would not have managed the whole trip. When looking at the films on offer he said, “Trust me, this is the one you should watch.”

It is based on a TV legend from America, Mr. Rogers, who presented a children’s programme for decades helping children to value themselves and face life. I found myself profoundly moved. I never give sermons a title as I never know until I actually preach them what they were most truly about, but I know in my mental filing cabinet there will be a few sermons under the heading”The Mr. Rogers Series.” If you like action movie noise and effects, give this film a miss. In fact I take that back. If you like action movie noise and effects all the more reason to go and see it! If you want to touch profound truths about yourself, God and how to do life, find time, if you have the money, to watch this. It seems to be true that here was someone of whom it could be said, “What you see is what you get.”

Here is a starter of the sort of thing he encouraged people to do: he even did this when accepting a TV. lifetime achievement award. “Would you take a moment just to be silent with me and think of those who have helped you in life? Some of them may be here. Some of them may be far away. Some of them may be in heaven.” After the silence? “How happy they would be to know you were thinking of them.”

I tried that, and was surprised that my eyes were moist…

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Kenny, not only is it wonderful to know your time in New Zealand was possible, enjoyable and blessed, it’s also very interesting to hear of this new film. In spite of time lived in the USA, I never heard of that TV series. Mind you, there was no TV on the rural property out among many hundreds of acres of wild land!
    I will certainly try to find where/when this movie might be available here. God bless and keep you,


  2. phkmsltd says:

    It seems like the UK release date is 31/1/20 – might just be a way of celebrating/forgetting/completely ignoring Brexit!


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  3. Sheena says:

    Definitely one to watch and encourage others to take on board some of Mr Rogers’ blessings. My eyes are moist too just reading your blog today.
    Thanks Kenny


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