Welcome to new readers… and “Hello again,” to the rest of you!

Can I welcome those of you who have signed up to this page since I announced on “Facebook” that I would not be posting there until further notice.

You will see that there are many posts here for you to take a look at. I hope God will lead you to the ones that He means you to read.

Just one word of caution: do not let these posts become your staple diet. Look at them from time to time. It is much more important that you read the Word of God and learn to discern His voice speaking with you. Indeed, that is my “Welcome” word for those of you new to this blog. Never let anything take the prime place of the Bible as the main nourishing ingredient in your spiritual diet. Read it with the asked for rather than presumed help of the Spirit.

To introduce myself to new readers of this blog page, I am a bible believing Charismatic. To put it more accurately, I became a Charismatic because of the Bible. I grew up in a non Charismatic Church to which I owe an enormous debt. It honoured the Word of God and taught me to do the same. As I sought to do that, I was filled with the Spirit and experienced those gifts which seem to bring to those who experience them and use them the label “Charismatic.” These gifts have been a vital part of my ministry and affect the way I pastor, preach and lead… and blog!

However, as at this moment in time I am a Charismatic who is concerned about what is happening under that label. I am concerned at some of the teaching and practices that are being accepted without question from powerful voices that never seem to admit error in teaching or practice. When I say that, I am not labelling those I am thinking of as false teachers or prophets. The people I am concerned about are good people with good hearts, but in their desire to help people experience more of the reality of the Spirit of God, they often go beyond what Scripture teaches, which is always dangerous.  Facebook seems filled with postings encouraging us to read and receive this type of wrong teaching, backed up by exaggerated claimed “results.” One of the most famous current centres of Renewal was once asked by the organisers of a conference I spoke at to alter their reports on their web page as to what was supposed to have happened at the meeting they contributed to in terms of miraculous healing, as they were exaggerated to the point of not only being exaggeration but false.  No healings happened at the meeting. The ministry involved refused to alter their claims and the exaggerations and false reports were allowed to stand.

I have a similar distress when it comes to the realm of Prophecy as it appears currently in postings on Facebook. I hear “words” that the Spirit within me bears no witness to and it distresses me. Again, I know that many of the people involved in so prophesying are good people with genuine gifting. This sort of thing disturbs my spirit and mind to an extent that I find it difficult to find the peace of Christ, hence the need to come off Facebook. I need to clarify and purify my mind  and spirit with the water of the Word of God and the Spirit of Truth.

Perhaps you need a similar restoration of peace and a similar cleansing for your mind and spirit. Pick up the bible. Give it renewed space. Your spirit within will breathe a sigh of relief, I promise you that. Open the Word of God; let the waters flow. The only word of advice I would give, that I believe is coming from the Lord  prophetically, for some of you at least, is very simple: “Read from where you left off and make that your pattern.” This is the way some of you will regain a confidence that the Bible is the Word of God and experience the life of God it carries. Without any manipulation you will find what you read each day as you take off from where you finished the day before will speak to you with uncanny power, regularity and relevance. Discover that or rediscover that with joy, as soon as you have finished reading this blog.

God bless


7 comments on “Welcome to new readers… and “Hello again,” to the rest of you!

  1. Penny Mathews says:

    Thank you Kenny for your reminders


  2. Louisa Dawson says:

    Hello Kenny, just to say I completely understand what your saying about prophetic ministry. The bible will always be my guide, I don’t dismiss but weigh it up with the Word and discernment spirit. It can be come very confusing. Psm 46 Be still.
    However, I do believe the Lord is moving in Scotland, there is a stirring and new hope. I pray denominations will pray together, that is the powerhouse, prayer prayer etc. I pray that we the body will support Franklin Graham on his visit in May, Christianity is under attack by the governing party and we will need to seek God.
    Blessings Louisa.


  3. Lynn Lindsay says:

    Thank you so much Kenny !!
    Countless Blessings Always !!


  4. Andrew says:

    Thank you Kenny for sharing the Good Word of God,
    It brings a breath of fresh air to hear the infallible, irrefutable, factual, Word of Life to our hungry thirsty soul,

    What an inspiration you are to us all, we thank God for you, may he bless you in all that you do for the body of believers.

    Andrew McKie.


  5. Kerr Wintersgill says:

    Thank you for that word!


  6. Rosa says:

    The past few weeks have been a time of distress, realising how much non biblical/mythical/misleading quasi-Christian material is sucked up by us when the Bible truths and Holy Spirit’s voice are neglected.
    It is a breath of fresh air to know you are encouraging all to seek or return to Him for who he is.
    May you be refreshed and encouraged by your time set aside.


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