Is it OK if I look at your life and ministry in the same spirit with which you look at others?”

If you follow my blag writings you will know that I made a decision to come away from using Facebook to post my thoughts. I have already , in recent blogs, given some reasons for that. Here is another:

Facebook seems full of those who see error in other believers. Are you someone who is always able to see where other Christians have got it wrong? Well you may be right in what you see, but let me ask you this: how would you feel if God were to examine your life, your ministry in the same spirit with which you operate when you see fault in others? Actually He does that. He is doing it right now. It is one of His promises to us and He always keeps His promises – all of them not just the nice ones.

You may be an expert at identifying what is counterfeit but remember if there is a counterfeit there is a true that looks very similar, in fact at times almost identical in word and form. Are you seeking and pursuing what is true? Are you demonstrating the true version rather than the counterfeit of whatever you have written or spoken against?

I admire R.T. Kendall, a bible teacher of international reputation,  because on occasion he has admitted publicly that he was wrong, admitted that he dismissed what was genuinely a work of the Spirit of God as counterfeit. I have had to do the same.

In Jesus teaching it is a very serious thing indeed when we  call the work of the Spirit the work of the devil. It seems clear to me in Jesus teaching to do that is certainly on the road of blaspheming the Holy Spirt which is the most dangerous thing any of us could ever do.

Occasionally I perhaps will speak of errors I see that I think are a danger to the purposes of God in our lives or in the Church, but never in a spirit of judgement against any people involved. The fact that someone may be in clear error does not necessarily make them a false teacher or a false prophet. Even those who love Jesus with all their heart and seek to be true to the Bible get it wrong. We see as in a mirror dimly and will do until heaven. Until that day thank God  for Jesus, whom Mary Magdalene on Resurrection Day called, “Teacher.” Ultimately,  He is the Only Theologian. He Himself said so. We are only as true in our teaching and prophesying in accordance to how we have learned from Him. A Teacher knows a pupil makes errors and does not give up on them.

The title of this blog is,” Is it OK if I look at your life and ministry in the same spirit with which you look at others?” I address it to myself as well. Maybe that question will help us drop some knives and stones.

God bless


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  1. Mike Gallagher says:

    Kenny that’s a very good and challenging. Do you think you can use Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family but then keep away from getting drawn into debates, arguments etc I have to admit I spend too much time on social media and my wife Mary is frustrated with by it all. Perhaps I should do what a good friend does. is to time himself to a maximum of 15 minutes per day on social media, he uses an alarm clock on his iPhone to make sure he does not go past it. Thanks Kenny

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  2. Angela says:

    This is very much on my heart, thank you Kenny.
    I recently looked into the differences between discerning, and judging (without condemnation) in connection with false teachings.
    Some helpful links:
    And not forgetting 2 Timothy 2;25, we must discern properly without the hatred so prevalent online on many so-called Christian sites.


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