The Fire of God!

Friends, posted below is a testimony of someone who was at the “Revival Conference” in Lewis last June. It was posted on Facebook. It was originally written in French. This is “Facebook’s” offered translation. In some places it does not make complete sense, but it makes enough sense for you to make sense of it!!

I repost it here, not because I am mentioned in it, but for many more important reasons.

First of all it is a good reminder that there is always more of God’s Spirit for us to experience.

Secondly, although there is always more for us to experience of God’s Spirit, and although there is no one experience that is the answer to every problem, God’s Spirit  really can bring breakthrough to God’s people in areas where they have experienced bondage.

Thirdly, I meet so many Cristians who speak to me of their struggle with pornography, one of the issues raised in this testimony. A good proportion of those of you who read this will be caught in its vice like grip. Some  believers who struggle in this area have been given bad counsel, even by Counsellors purporting to be Christian: “It is not all that important. Don’t worry about it!” In their hearts they know right away this is the devil’s voice.  If you are feeling despair because you are caught in the prison of pornography and cannot imagine yourself ever being free, read this awkward translation of a wonderful testimony.

The God who answers with fire, He is God.

šŸ”„ On fire šŸ”„

I’m watching the fireplace fire as the rain is increasing tonight.
Another storm. Again.
So good to be by the fire while the storm raging outside.
Went for a run this afternoon in the middle of a storm. I was soaked to the bones. Hail and gusts of wind were trying to deter me along the way. It was a failure! I was smiling, laughing, rented my God for this “little” refreshment.
I try to see something as the rain blind me by covering my glasses, I see a funny show on my right.
We’re in the middle of a storm and a guy makes a fire to burn various things.
My first thought: what a madness to make a fire when it’s storm level 27!
Thinking as I try to avoid puddles and cars on this one-lane road.
I was rather stopped by my last reading, all bringing me back to the Holy Spirit, the fire that Jesus had promised to send to his followers before his rise.

It’s true that I had an experience of the Holy Spirit in Stornoway in June 2019. I was really transported during preaching then even more as the preacher Kenny Borthwick had prayed for me. I cried and felt cleaned out of the sin that was eating me. FIRE WAS IN ME all night, impossible to sleep. An indescribable peace and joy. That night I was delivered from porn and this quest for unhealthy relationships that made me dirty and sad. This guilt kept me from having a sincere relationship with God and growing up as a man. Many people do not understand the impact of sex and porn in our sick society. All of this is just a facade of an evil that is eating our beings. They say they sell us pleasure but they only buy our souls.
Anyway. That night I tasted something that words can’t describe. “What a foot” would say Thierry Roland! Better than a of roulette or strawberry pie.
As by “magic” in the week that followed began the beginning of something big with the Texas of my heart. A pure and sincere relationship with an extraordinary human being.

Let’s get back to my crazy run in the storm this afternoon.
I see this fire and I think this is what I miss in the storms of my life right now.
The fire of the Holy Spirit.
It is the only fire that remains more burning and effective even in the biggest storms. He will help me face the hardships of life. He is the connection that I miss. I need it!

Christian friends this is a call to prayer. Please. Take a time to accompany me in this prayer. I want to be baptized of the Holy Spirit in the next few hours!
Let’s get to work!

May God get his glory from this testimony. May it give hope to others.

God bless


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