Blessed Insomnia

I am not one of these Christians who goes by the Jewish Year. Personally as a Gentile believer I think it is wrong to do that, though if you believe it is Scripturally the right thing to do, I will not argue the case but say “Good…for you!”

However I did find myself strangely drawn to read the Book of Esther yesterday, unaware it was Purim.

As I did that I started to think of Esther and Daniel and the situations they were in. Both characters and both books give us clues how to behave as God’s people in difficult times and may help us to be released from Satanic goading as to what loyalty to God must look like. In both books too we read of rulers being prevented from sleeping because of God’s people and the need to do right by them.

These are hostile days in the political world against the full expression of biblical truth. One only needs to look at the poster campaign last year sponsored by the government and police Scotland or listen to some of the comments of the leader of the Green Party in the current round of gender issue debates to see that increasingly we live in Biblebelieverphobic days perhaps more so in Scotland under the dominance of the current SNP leader than is the case in the rest of the U.K. Certainly Christian MP’s need our understanding and support as they do what they can in such an environment.

But here is an idea. What about praying that some in positions of authority will begin to have sleepless nights about the assault upon Christians and think of the hundreds of thousands of hours which Christians give to make this country a better place and the millions of pounds they give to do the same?

God bless


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  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    I met Kate Forbes. New finance minister last week.  A lovely Christian woman promoted to high office. Please remember her in your prayers. She’s already received flack about her Christian views🙏🙏🙏🙏Judith 

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  2. Keith Pointon says:

    Anne and I have added these suggestions to out prayer list. Thanks, Kenny.


  3. phkmsltd says:

    Dear Kenny

    Completely agree on the strong tendency towards Bible believer phobic tendencies – Destiny Church’s proposed use of the Usher Hall in June cancelled by Edinburgh Council because the speaker has clear biblical opinions on Marriage. Thought censorship is here.

    We followed up on Ted Rogers following your post.

    On Jewish observance I have had debates recently with believers who believe we ought to observe the law and Sabbath keeping is one. Making it a burden/necessity is clearly both wrong and missing the deeper spiritual lessons.

    But following watching “A Place to Call Home” all the way to the end of series 6, along with a number of other themes, we are contemplating Shabbat observance as a joyous contribution to our faith rather than a result of wrong understanding. Only saying because this shift has surprised me.


    Paul Hayes


  4. Helen M Bookless says:

    Wow. Good idea.


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