“But they described me perfectly…”

Prophetically wired people can pick up where people are at and what may be going on in their lives. Just thought I would share that because you may have been in a meeting where someone seemed to call out or even prophetically paint your condition. That does not necessarily mean God is going to heal or act upon that pronouncement but that is the impression given as the “revelation” is shared.

I have met so many people who have been disillusioned because what was described by some revelatory means was accurate, astoundingly relevant, but nothing happened after prayer or ministry in response to the word pronounced. The “fault” was not with you but with the prophetically wired pronouncer. They did not mean harm. They have probably found they have received little teaching on how to use their gift and some of its pitfalls. More than likely they shared what they did because they hoped for something good for you. They are neither false prophets or bad people but people doing their best in an area of gifting where most people have had to find their own way- especially when teaching courses on such things are beyond most folks means when they are living by month to month resuscitation!

Paul Cain was a gifted prophet and his fall into sin should not be used to discredit the genuine gift of prophecy and word of knowledge and other revelatory gifts which God wants to bless the church with. Those that knew him well believe he ended his earthly pilgrimage badly. Whether they are right or wrong about that, some of God’s servants do end badly, be they Charismatic, Reformed or whatever. You or I may yet end badly. “Please God, by your grace may it not be so.” Cain accurately outlined the course of my ministry from 1995 to the present day. I remember him saying at one meeting, “God is showing me plenty right now but I am waiting to see if the anointing comes to share it.” That is a good lesson for prophetic people. I am not that prophetic, in that it is not my main thing, but I know that principle in preaching. I sometimes stall for a moment. I have not forgotten where I am at in my sermon! I am waiting to see if the Holy Spirit is giving me permission to say something I was about to say or not. If the anointing does not come, if the Holy Spirit does not come upon me, I try and be disciplined by that not to say whatever I was about to say.

In fact, come to think of it, that is a pretty good rule for how we use our tongue to speak, full stop. Listen for the Spirit’s permission. Something being true does not mean it is to be spoken. That could do immense harm.

God bless


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  1. Angela says:

    Wisdom like that will keep us from derailed. Common sense too… thank you for sharing.


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