CV? In the “Vulnerable” category? Let me share a thought with you this Sunday Evening as a new week of uncertainties begins…

If you are in the category of “vulnerable”then these sharings are for you.

If I get Coronavirus I have 4 conditions which would make that life threatening. Trying to take the confused back flips of the Government into account, I set myself to make some decisions  earlier today that I felt the peace of God resting upon. That is what I now feel this evening.

Lack of God’s peace deep within was a sign to me that I was needing not to be blasé with false faith but to make some choices with true faith by giving some serious thought to what I should and should not do. Peace restored.

If you are similarly vulnerable and need to make decisions for yourself I am praying in simple faith that the peace of God will lead you in choice making. You may not be an atheist in terms of God but please don’t be an “atheist” in terms of this virus. We can’t see it but it is real.

Because I am a person of faith I am a person of facts. Fact and faith belong together. Because I am a person of faith, I am a person who makes choices before God. Faith, intentional action  and my own responsibility, belong together.

God bless you…real good!


5 comments on “CV? In the “Vulnerable” category? Let me share a thought with you this Sunday Evening as a new week of uncertainties begins…

  1. Bill Frame says:

    Many thanks for this word Kenny.
    Really helpful as usual.


  2. Mike says:

    Kenny thank you for sharing this I am in the same position I have asthma which puts me in the high risk category. Could I ask some advice, I agreed with my wife Mary and our kids that I would need to self isolate with them returning to school and work due to the risks if the virus coming into our home but felt slightly uncomfortable as if I was abandoning the family although I feel God clearly spoke and told me many weeks ago to make plans and be safe. That’s what I have done.


    • revkennyblog says:

      That sounds wise to me Mike. I think that soon may be the sort of advice the Government gives to elderly or vulnerable and at risk people. Personally I feel the Government seems a bit later than it could be in its advice so going ahead of them is no bad thing. God bless you and your family.


  3. Robert Nicol says:

    Dear Kenny. We always read and enjoy your thoughts, though we seldom if ever comment, but I wanted you to know how especially helpful I have found your recent posts for ministering in these strange times. They have the aroma of Christ in being spoken from your own vulnerability. May Jesus in his grace give you his peace which is beyond understanding. Robert&Lorna


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