Vlog 1: The Magnifying Lens of Lockdown…

A few folk have been in touch to say that Lockdown is somehow magnifying aspects of yourself that you do not like, that may indeed be harming yourself or those near to you. Thought it might be good to do a few wee vlogs about that subject. This is the first one. Hope it helps those of you who may be feeling that way at the moment. Kenny

5 comments on “Vlog 1: The Magnifying Lens of Lockdown…

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Kenny for the blog, the story at the end was great and I am glad you gave the lady the gingerbread. I have recently tried to run away and the video reminded me to keep trusting god. There is no need to run away I feel God is saying and to be happy is something I also want for my life and my family . God bless


  2. Ursula Eyles says:

    My husband and I listened together last night. We found this very helpful. It particularly spoke to issues my husband identified with. Thank you once again Kenny.


  3. Celia Burns says:

    I cannot say how much I am appreciating your vlog. I have for many years been working with all you talk of in myself and Christians. (I am a counsellor under the association of Christian counsellors) I am aware for so long that what i experience in others and myself is so very misunderstood and a lonely place to be in many of the churches and to so extent feared? Your blog have opened up interesting dialogue with some who would have found this very ‘alien’ thinking!! Bless you kenny in your honesty and gentleness and may these vlogs bring much needed fruit in me and all believers. It would be great to have a gathering on the matter! My husband is just off to discuss in his men’s breakfast!!


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