2 comments on “VLOG 3: The Magnifying Lens of Lockdown…

  1. Angela says:

    That sounds very like the type of trauma healing strategy I found in a book borrowed from the library many years ago; it was by Penny Parks. http://www.ppfoundation.org/
    I followed it just as you did but with one exception; nobody was with me to pray me through it. It had no benefit for me, probably because of that.
    Until I trusted God to cherish me, the reality of His healing love had no power to heal. The solution?
    I dug up as many scriptures as I could find that ‘spoke’ to me, reaching into the painful areas. Assurance like that is strong.
    However, it was not till much later that the last thorns of deep rooted pain were mercifully lifted away by the Lord as I grew more mature in knowing and obeying Him.
    No doubt, He will guide each person to their own healing with that small quiet voice if conviction when it is heard or read by them, in His timing.
    There are quite a few in my prayers for this very thing, so thank you again for a truly meaningful and needed vlog. God bless you and yours.


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