The Season is ripe for a Spiritual, Generational Coup…

Seasoned Servant of God! Watch out for a spiritual Coup!

Prophetic Word for those in ministry who are getting older.

This may only be for a few. It came to me in a dream, however, and my dreams seem to often show elements of what I would call a spiritual season, either of blessing or attack.

I saw a lion training a young lion. My set reading for this morning when I woke was Psalm 17. There, we read these words:”The wicked…speak arrogantly..He is like a lion eager to tear, as a young lion lurking in ambush.”

I wrote not long ago about withdrawing from Conference speaking, partly because I believe in making way for those of a younger generation. I think that was the right decision. In any case, health limitations demanded it! It was no longer truly within my capacity. BUT, this dream was about people of spiritual standing, gained over decades, being forced into a premature exit from their ministry. The eagerness of the young lion to pursue and pounce was the central thing I was to note. Though I believe in making way for the up and coming generations, beware of the pressure to do that before the right time. Beware too of what I would call “gently simmering bitterness of entitlement” from the gifted who somehow want your job, your role, your platform, and who may regard you as keeping them out and standing as an obstacle in their way.

In short, some of you are coming under pressure from younger gifted people as though you MUST make way for them! Raising and nurturing is one thing, but making way for the frustrated and the entitled is another! What a disaster can be unleashed when the entitled and gifted are unleashed upon the church in leadership roles, rather than the nurtured, the humble and the ready.

So, God wants some of you, older in years, to know this: YOU are still Today’s Man or Woman! Resist the pressure from the Entitled, however gifted they may be. Continue to nurture the gifted and humble. You have no obligation at all to pay attention to young lions being nurtured by the prowling lion who seeks to devour you.

Age and isolation of potential prey is fertile hunting territory for lions and lions in training. I think lockdown is making some faithful ministers, with a track record of decades of integrity, become potential prey to doubts about their ability, their relevance. It would be so easy to step back or step down before the time is right…

If you happen to be reading this and you are gifted and also younger than most of the folk who read my posts, be sure of this: stay humble and your progress in God will be as unstoppable as the Resurrection of Jesus! God will open every door necessary. He knows where you stay. You don’t have to force your way to the front or try and bring yourself to anyone’s attention. Don’t lose your integrity to underhand, pressurising, self-advertising ways. Stay faithful. God can and will lift you up higher. When it happens, you will know God has done it, not you yourself. That will be a treasured thought that will have great sustaining power in battles to come.

God bless


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    Excellent word, thank you. Blessings.

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