Say “The Benediction” with full confidence…

I am remembering a time at a Leaders’ Retreat when we prayed blessing on someone’s painful leg. It was instantly healed. Were there things wrong with the leg? Of course! We were not asking the Lord to bless that!

Some have criticised “The UK Blessing,” the song sung by singers brought together by Tim Hughes, recognised by the PM as “a point of light.” The criticism runs along the lines that there is so much wrong with the UK and the Church in the UK that we cannot possibly ask God for His blessing. This is false understanding. God can’t bless what is wrong and sinful. He can bless and make stronger that which is good, life giving and health giving. Blessing is only part of the jigsaw of the moment. It is not the only part by any means, far from it.

I loved being a minister who at the end of every service could pronounce and pray for the perfect blessing of God upon imperfect people including me. I look for that same blessing on those I pray for anytime I pray for them! I would be sunk if the blessing of God could not rest on me today because there are areas of my life still to be brought into closer harmony with Christ.

I am not a great gardener, but I know to prosper the growth of things I want to see in the garden helps to control weeds I don’t want to prosper.

Let’s pray the blessing of God to increasingly to be upon what He can bless. That is a great power for transformation he puts into our hands. It is not the only tool for these days to be sure, but it is an extremely important one. Let’s use it and see the power of blessing released in wonderful ways.

God bless


One comment on “Say “The Benediction” with full confidence…

  1. Angela says:

    Oh yes, blessing! What a wonderful God who loves us in spite of our weaknesses that lead us to fall into traps of deception before the knowledge of Him exposes, brings wisdom and humility, and works in us to prune away offensive branches.
    I had no idea who you were, Kenny, when friends gave me the link to your blog about two and a half years ago… what a blessing it has been to me in many ways. Thank you.


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