Stop telling God what to say if you want to hear Him speak…

If you want to learn to hear God better, stop listening for Him to agree with your thoughts, your understanding, your opinions, your reading of what is right and wrong with a person, church, nation or even yourself.

I have sought to obey the word of God through the Apostle Paul to pursue the gift of prophecy. I have not done that as diligently as I should so don’t know as much about it as even some of you. I know this however: when I have heard the voice of God in that way for myself or others or a situation, God has shown me not what I already know or think, but truth I would never have seen and may not even want to see. Sometimes He will direct me away from a verse of Scripture that I have quickly convinced myself backs up the insight of my own mind to a verse that He seems to be saying to look at if I want to hear His mind on the same situation.

There is a lot of confident shouting these days about what God is or is not saying, what He is or is not doing in these times, what He can or can’t do. Little of it seems to be prophetic to me, baby prophet though I may be. “God’s thoughts are my thoughts” seems to be the bold assertion, which leads to every contrary voice being ridiculed, picked apart or even accused of being blasphemous.

By the way, when I spoke about God showing me things I would not want to see, it may interest you to know usually that has meant seeing good things, positive things, that I did not want to see! He has also at times shown me concealed sin and perversity which I was even more reluctant to see.

God bless


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  1. Jackie duncan says:

    Thanks for all your blogs. They all really speak to me.
    You are so honest and true in your sharing and you are helping so many isolated folks. Very encouraging


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