Afflicted and Storm Tossed One…

I can’t fully put into words the beauty and mystery of what I felt the Lord saying to those of you who may begin yet another day with raging anxiety dominating your heart and even your home at this moment, but here goes:

God may presence Himself with you today, draw near to you, like an unfamiliar bird to a garden, blown off its usual expected flight patterns. He may appear vulnerable rather than impressive, weak rather than powerful, storm battered rather than radiantly feathered. He may come to you as the unexpected Messiah with an unexpected rescue: to be with you in your weakness, to be the storm tossed presence in your storms. For you, he will not be found amidst the noisy chatter and competitive, confident, territory declaring squawking of other garden visitors. He stands aside from that, quietly. Look out a side window and there He is. Gentle and lowly. Bring him in without fear to your disordered heart and home. This is the mystery. As you receive the storm tossed bedraggled Saviour, as you give to him the attention and love he awakens in your heart, He will develop in you eagle’s wings.

God bless


3 comments on “Afflicted and Storm Tossed One…

  1. Anne Reid says:

    The raw beauty of this- a new concept for me, brings me to tears.
    “For I am meek and lowly in heart,and you shall find rest for your soul”.
    Thank you Kenny for sharing this beautiful, mysterious truth.


  2. Alison Black says:

    Kenny,I appreciate all your posts though I seldom comment, but there is such an unearthly beauty about this one … bringing the fragrance of Christ.


  3. Heather Mackay says:

    I love watching the birds in our garden so this post resonated. Ĺooming cloud of toothache is a stormy cloud. However we watched this morning as 4 blue tits flew past a threatening magpie & they zoomed over him 3 times. I thought Father, Son and Holy Spirit sll interceding on our behalf.


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