Vlog 22: Could I pray for you?

Sorry, there was a break in my internet connection, hence the 2 parts. An abrupt end to Part 1 and a scratchy beginning to Part 2! Apologies, though it was beyond my control as were the dogs yapping in a nearby garden! Maybe the difficulties mean this will be used in a significant way to help bring some into freedom. May it be so.

One comment on “Vlog 22: Could I pray for you?

  1. Angela says:

    When the Lord is ‘wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place’, He expects it to take time and patience on His part, and honesty on ours.
    I have felt many times in the past, as if in a very restricted spot when there is something which He wishes to deal with… a place of pain is very small!
    Freedom comes through determined co-operation, strong desire to grow more like Christ and in repentance from the things we’ve allowed to entangle us in wrong behaviours, and which have us bound tightly.
    We cannot live as those who do not belong to Him yet expect the blessings of those whose hearts are fully submitted to the light of His presence.
    Thank you for your beautiful prayer… I prayed it in my heart.


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