Who made you Judge?

Felt the Lord’s indignation tonight as I came before Him and was aware of His presence.

I am not saying it was a propheticky thing, but it was close to it. This was the thought:

“Who made you a judge of the reality or adequacy of the Church’s repentance in readiness for Revival, the fittedness of this or that person, this or that congregation, etc? Attend to your own humbling of yourself before God, and others will catch fire from you, otherwise your call to repentance is a powerless, unblessed cliche, trumpeted by your flesh. It will not bring about the righteousness God requires in you or anyone else, no matter the fierce anger with which sin is denounced by you.”

I believe I needed to hear that because of reading a discouraging post that seemed to denounce the genuineness of every sign of life and hope in the church. I think the Lord’s indignation was about the spirit and the heart and pen behind that article, but I felt I had to search my own heart, my own attitudes as well.

I bless God for those times in my life where I have come close to those burning with fresh fire. Just being with them made me desire God with fresh intensity without them saying a word to me. It was as though God poured from the pores of their skin and was on their breath and in their eyes and in their sighs: on each occasion when such people have become part of my story, even for a fleeting moment, I found myself not only on my knees but on my face before the living God until fire from heaven came afresh upon me too.

Even remembering such people now seems to create in me a longing for the presence of the Living God, to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The sense of God hovering over me as I remember is very real.

God bless


One comment on “Who made you Judge?

  1. Angela says:

    One way in which I sense the Lord’s exposing light, is in this very use of 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is no good wielding it against/on behalf of others only, for the word of God is sharper than a double edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) that cuts both ways… through our own lack of true spirituality, as well as being an offensive weapon against anything that sets itself up in opposition to the truth in the Bible.
    We just become somewhat blind at times to the fact that any progress we make towards godliness is due mostly to Him with our co-operation. On our own, we are nothing.
    The sense of God emanating from a person in front of us is beyond description…. it is not merely compassion or humility or godliness.
    I don’t think I ever sensed the fire of God in anyone, just His compassion and passion on many occasions over the years.
    Just as sin grips us in its power till we repent, God’s fire compels with a holy power, I believe, from accounts in the Bible and from reading books about the move of God on Lewis seventy one years ago.
    I don’t want to miss that nor quell it, if it comes near me. I cannot imagine my prayers helping to bring it here either but that’s just not true; our prayers are powerful.
    To witness a move of God that will convict many is like a dream but we know it happened in the Hebrides… I have listened to those who were there, and were thoroughly convicted and changed. God’s timing was then. I hope it will be again soon too, for the whole world.


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