“The Church would not listen to me!“

Is the Church ignoring your Word from the Lord? Your message to the church is worthless if you are not fully involved in the church, part of that community that submits to one another out of reverence for Christ. There are quite a lot of voices these days telling the church what it should be doing and criticising church leaders for what they are not doing. These voices have no validity if not attached to loving and supportive involvement. They rarely change anything for the better.

Of course, true messengers from God may be ignored or heeded by the majority of God’s people, but they stay as part of the people of God in season and out, be it night or day, setting their hope in the mercies of God. Sticking with the people of God in the face of observable faithfulness or faithlessness around them, whether they are loved or sneered at, they sow seeds of light in tears: seeds that grow into something which one day, whether by them or others in generations still to come, will be harvested with joy. (Psalm 97 verse 11 and Psalm 126)

True “Rejected Prophets” stumble at times, but they live or die among the people of God, sharing in their triumphs and woes . False rejected prophets never stop licking their wounds…

God bless


3 comments on ““The Church would not listen to me!“

  1. Billy Kelly says:

    Thanks again Kenny for that profound and timely reminder.


  2. Angela says:

    Not considering myself a prophet, Kenny, but I have certainly experienced being put down when bringing what I knew the Lord was wanting, and doing it without any criticism, just clear words.
    Years later, during my time at that church before I went to live abroad, my words came to fruition with no further comment at all from me. I’m sure they were not even remembered.
    OT prophets were ignored, vilified, executed; not an enviable calling!


  3. Annette Masters says:

    thank you Kenny – your words helped me in making a decision that has been on the back burner for a little while. Bless you xx


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