For the Record…

Over the lat few years I have shared in Facebook posts, blogs and vlogs, personal experience of supernatural encounters, signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit- as indeed I did in an earlier post today, which caught the interest of some who read it.

I do that not to draw attention to me, but to bring honour to the God of the Bible, by showing that He does what He has always done and is who He has always been. In the early days of my Christian nurturing it was effectively taught that was not the case at least in some regard and measure.

None of these experiences thrill me as much as opening up my bible day by day as I did this morning. Also, all of them together are not worth comparing with the wonder of this: Jesus was wounded for my transgressions: by what He accomplished through suffering on the cross, He has saved me from the wrath to come. I can more easily get my mind around God transporting me from one place to another or money appearing out of thin air ( I have experienced both and both are biblical) than I can understand His saving love towards me and His warm and joy filled delight in me.

If you pounce on this as though I am writing a post telling you Church without signs and wonders is ok, you will have not read it in the right spirit at all…and you know that, without me spelling it out.

God bless


One comment on “For the Record…

  1. Angela says:

    Amen. If we cannot seek God for himself and the joy of being in His presence, sharing His heart and sufferings, and receiving His direction, all is dross.
    I’d get a shock if He transported me physically, as He did for Philip, moving him back on course after he had helped the eunuch 20 miles off the direction he’d been headed.
    Kenny, you are a man whose heart’s cry has been to preach and fulfil the calling of shepherd. It shines out of your preaching etc.
    Your blogs etc have been a great sowing into my life at various points in the last three years. God honours your commitment and wholeheartedness in doing what you were called to do in spite of severe hindrances.


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