Who is sufficient for these things?

Reading Habakkuk this morning, as others who follow the same Bible reading scheme may have done.
The light that sometimes breaks upon me from the Bible, the God breathed Word, as I read it both as a man and as one called by God to preach and to lead God’s people (in some capacity or another), is so bright as to be utterly unbearable were it not for the blood of Christ. Even then, washed and cleansed, I am left with a taste of that day when all will be laid bare before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do, the God of the Bible, the God revealed in Jesus, who knows what is in every human being without needing anyone to tell Him. I will not be eternally condemned but I will be searched, as will every individual from every nation, and every work of man, even (especially?) the works done in the name of Jesus Christ. Uncreated light tearing through every hidden place, exposing every heart and the heart of everything. What a thought. Best let God’s Word search and judge us now and draw us to an even firmer faith and hope in God our Saviour.
I am remembering with joy and hope words from a hymn of a type we scarcely seem to hear sung any more in the sectors of the church I am most familiar with: it used to make me cry with thankfulness as a young, newly converted teenager:
“Oh how can I whose native sphere is dark
whose light is dim,
before the ineffable appear,
and on my naked spirit bear
the uncreated beam?
There is a way for man to rise
to that sublime abode,
an offering and a sacrifice,
a Holy Spirit’s energies,
an Advocate with God.”
God bless

4 comments on “Who is sufficient for these things?

  1. Steve Aiken says:

    Well said Kenny.


  2. Angela says:

    My Bible reading today includes Hosea 6, particularly verse 5 seemed to relate to your post about light except it is the light/lightning/blazing morning sun, depending on the translation used; they all refer to God’s judgement against the unfaithfulness of Judah.
    Interesting that both God’s glory and his judgement are described as ‘light’, both of which can terrify witnesses.
    Probably not entirely what your post is about, Kenny, but a few days ago I found a very interesting word study on what God’s righteousness really is, looking at the Hebrew and Greek https://kgsvr.net/xn/tsedeq.html


  3. Paul says:

    I love that hymn. It gives such assurance to know we have an advocate before the throne!


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