“Donald Trump”: my thoughts as a pastor, if anyone is interested…

I tend to look at things as a pastor which admittedly means I dont always see things from other perspectives quite as clearly. When I look and listen to Donald Trump’s statement saying there will be an orderly transition of power I feel I am listening to what I have often encountered as a pastor over 40 years: how hugely difficult it is for a person to see an alternative narrative to the one they believe. That is not easy for anyone, but It is particularly hard if there is some degree of latent or active narcissism. A person in whom this is a strong tendency may never ever consider the possibility they have read the story wrong. They may never be willing to face that possibility. They may for the rest of their lives continue to tell their narrative at every opportunity, almost forcing everyone to believe it, and will often show “violent” outbursts in which they vilify even erstwhile friends or family who give the merest hint of questioning the familiar story. They will not allow themselves to move on or others to move on. Their narrative becomes their life long obsession. Agree with them without questioning and you will be rewarded with their friendship and glowing commendation.

It does make me wonder what on earth the President’s spiritual advisors have been doing. Perhaps if they had given more time to pastoring a human being than prophesying a victory they could have made a difference: perhaps not, for narcissism is hugely resistant to challenge and even to genuine care and love. It is I believe, something only God can break.

All of this I believe still stands regardless of the truth or otherwise of illegal votes. This is not a pro or anti Trump post. It is my thoughts as a pastor about what looks like a very familiar pastoral story.

God bless


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  1. Andy Wong says:

    Kenny, your post today comes very close to home, following a family bereavement last year and riots in Washington yesterday. I can’t elaborate on the bereavement and what it raised up in the family, and American politics/society I don’t need to; just that your words help settle my soul. Thank you.


  2. Sheena says:

    We thank the Lord for men of humility who speak the (sometimes difficult) truth of God’s word and who love their congregations enough to do so. Agree with you- his advisors maybe listened too much to the President and not nearly enough to the Father. God grant America grace in the coming days.


  3. Angela says:

    Well expressed, Kenny.
    Having been resident in the USA from 2009-2015, I heard first hand via radio and unstable dial up internet, many views and reports on the presidential candidates.
    My gut reaction to Donald Trump was dismay but my then husband (US born and bred and representative of many) was very much in favour of Trump who was touted as Christian.
    As Christians, we are well aware of many scriptures that warn us to be alert to false teachers and prophets. The Bible describes, in many places, what it means to be a godly person and also contrasts this with the behaviour of those who have a ‘form of godliness that denies its power’ (2 Tim 3).
    Keeping all that in mind, my experiences and observations led me to conclude that although many both here and in the USA, profess faith in Christ and do indeed believe in Him and pray, there is lack of real desire to please Him by obedience in all areas of life.
    One of the most obvious indications of this is their lack of knowledge of what the Bible says although able to quote specific scriptures such as Jeremiah 29:11 and truly trust Him for that security whilst not realising the deceptions that keep from real obedience eg living together or engaging in sexually active relationships outside of marriage. My married life began at 21 after doing just that, so I am speaking from experience and a place of repentance and obedience since leaving that behind many years ago,
    It was by coming into agreement with God that power was given to become a real child of His.
    So that example leads to understanding that deception is rife in Christians who do not receive or seek Holy Spirit conviction both of right and wrong, and who ignore God’s intent and perfect plan for the basic cell structure of society ie the family which starts with marriage.
    To my way of perceiving, US Christians who follow Trump or Biden are likewise deceived because their basic foundation in Christ is only partly on rock.
    Without widespread return to real Bible godliness, disaster results. Unfortunately, blindness persists in those who won’t desire to follow and become like Christ in obedience to the Father. No Christian club members..,
    The stage is set for the rise of the ‘man of lawlessness’ who will fool many. Earnest, faithful prayer is vital.


  4. nalarednirt says:

    Someone once said,” when you see a good man, emulate him. When you see a bad man,examine yourself.”


  5. Pamela Leonard says:

    I found this very interesting, helpful and challenging. Made me think we (I) need to examine ourselves(me) and look at our own “truths”.


  6. Billy Kelly says:

    Thanks,Kenny. Again a reminder of how much spiritual wisdom is required in any office let alone the highest there is.


  7. Kendrick Wilson says:

    Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute has provided what I think are the most consistent and accurate assessments of Trump’s character and calling. Do a search on YouTube – very enlightening.

    Two months ago Hanson was the first voice I heard that suggested the possibility of a non-consecutive second Presidential term for Trump.

    Consequently when I enquired of the Lord, I was given a dream where Biden’s running mate Kamila Harris had been installed ‘on the hill’ as President, and Biden had been sidelined at the base of the hill, very diminished and almost out of sight.

    As I stood at the base of this hill, I noticed I was standing in an ‘otherworldly’ field of ‘ice’ that extended all the way to the top of this ‘hill’, where Harris was comfortably reclining in it. Even though I was still within the dream, I knew instantly she represented the ‘White Witch’ from Narnia.

    She then looked directly down at me and began making pronouncements and edicts that were clearly intended to restrict my freedom to practice and minister as a believer, and it was then I noticed a kind of ‘device’ attached to her tongue that seemed to control and amplify it.

    But with a confidence and boldness, I replied that she wasn’t going to have the final say, and that her ‘reign’ would be curtailed by another that would soon follow her. And I seemed to ‘know’ instinctively that it would be Trump. And the dream ended.


    • revkennyblog says:

      In allowing this I am not endorsing the views expressed or saying they are or are not of the Lord. It is a useful insight into how some are seeing things . If things turn into a ding ding battle I shall remove it. Will just see how it goes! My post was pastoral not political or prophetic. I will let things stand for the moment. Kenny


  8. catriona says:

    Another item which features on Youtube is the reading of ‘Mere Christianity’ by the author of Narnia. Looking out on a wintry scene today I’ll just put on my mother’s old fur coat and walk through the back of the wardrobe.
    (sent with a smile)


    • catriona says:

      By that I mean, that there is a line between truth and illusion, and between fact and fiction. C S Lewis tried to express truth through fiction, but that doesnt mean he thought the fiction was fact. He also wrote non fiction to explain the truth as he had come to understand it.


  9. jowdy says:

    Loving a narcissist is such a challenge, and also such a tragedy, because of all the self-created imperviousness of them. And so of course, their desperate thirst for real connection. Trying as a young woman to offer truthful, love, help and a way out of alcoholism to a narcissist led to being ostracised and punished. But I do understand, forgive, and reset my boundaries.


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