Headless Chicken or Dove?

I guess it is a marketing gimmick, but best not to present a truth as THE key truth for the hour. There can be key moments but they don’t tend to come with every talk, sermon, prophecy, writing and Facebook utterance, nor are they carrying such a universal breakthrough power for “the church” in its every branch as the intensity within us may delude us into thinking. Best simply to share that part of all that comes from the mouth of the Lord which He may have placed on our heart in the hope and faith it does some good to some of God’s people and brings Him some honour. I think I am talking about a humility, reality and truthfulness that God can bless. We don’t add to the power of truth by “advertising” techniques or hype. In fact, we may dull its power by superlative claims. I believe everything I preach will carry some good if it comes from the Lord. How key it may be or may become, to what depth or scope, is not really in my hands as though I could measure it.

When we repeatedly or as a matter of course present everything we say as the “Now” word of the Holy Spirit we can make it seem as though He is running all over the place like a headless chicken rather than the Dove resting upon what He has always rested upon, or even the wild goose who knows from whence and to where He is flying without distraction or diversion. Intending to honour God’s Spirit, it is possible that we make Him seem unstable in all His ways, rather than steadfast and faithful to Himself and to us.

God bless


One comment on “Headless Chicken or Dove?

  1. Angela says:

    Maybe I’m cynical but when I hear or see ‘prophetic’ words given to a person or to myself, or for a particular time, I want it ‘weighed’ before the Lord for authenticity. This might take a long time, or it might not.
    But when various prophetic voices are clamouring with different messages, I’m not listening unless it is resonating in my spirit as truth along with what God has already started showing me, or I have specifically asked for guidance on, or it speaks with clarity that agrees with Biblical examples.
    There always have been many false voices throughout the Bible history of Israel. Nothing has changed yet.
    Not sure that’s what you are thinking of, Kenny. (Not at my best recently; my brain is often giving me ‘duh’ moments!) But it’s what came to my mind when reading your words here. God bless you and yours.


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