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How did we behave differently from a citizen of the kingdom of this world in our attitude and compliance with Lockdown restrictions? That may show whether God can yet trust us with Revival. It shows whether our prayers were empty passion or birthed in a desire for that “new beginning of obedience” which is one of the more famous definitions of what revival is, as well as being a sign of its beginning, and the lasting fruit it produces.

I am also thinking of another definition of Revival given by Duncan Campbell himself: “the impact of the personality of Christ.” Jesus constantly lived under restriction: the righteous Will of His Father. In His arrest, trial and judicial execution He additionally came under the unrighteous demands of unjust authority. “He opened not His mouth.” Do we really make it our aim in life to become like Him in His death more and more until the prize of the upward call? Even a sinner can be happy to be meek when he agrees with what is being demanded, is persuaded it is reasonable and fair, and sees it could bring measurable personal advantage. We should be pursuing a greater meekness than that of sinners.

Have we read the New Teatament? It holds out to us this simple truth: the Christian life is supernatural. It means leaping for joy in the face of the most unreasonable treatment by unjust authority throughout all the spheres of human interaction where unreasonable demands can be made upon us and unwarranted suffering endured as a consequence.

In the time of greatest injustice in my life, I remember my spirit leaping and dancing with uncontrollable joy! Joy was not coming from my mind, soul, heart! It was my born from above spirit made alive by God exulting with unbound freedom. Hallelujah! What a surprise! It made me gasp for breath! My mind did not catch up easily with that supernatural joy to be honest. Oh to live more consistently from the spring of Spirit intertwined with spirit as our minds play catch up to learn the beauty that resides in meekness blessed by God’s “Well done!” I never felt from that moment on to this day that I needed to win any argument or be vindicated for my benefit or to enable me to move on.

I am saying all this from having lived for many months under the severest restrictions of Shielding. I could have made it so unpleasant an experience for myself and for others who live with me and live me, were it not for meekness. It is one of the strongest spiritual weapons I know for defeating enemy intentions.

God bless


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  1. Kay says:



  2. Shona Macleod says:

    Thank you so much Kenny ..I got a picture once of the meekness of Jesus and words cannot describe the beauty of that ..Amen to all you said and every blessing to you all Shona MacLeod


  3. Rosa says:

    Those are wonderful definitions of Revival, Kenny.
    There are indeed specific circumstances under which all is us must be meek as Jesus was. And also some when Jesus showed his righteous anger which did not reduce his meekness in my eyes.
    After recent hospitalisation, it would perhaps have been reasonable for me to publicise significant life threatening errors made by staff. But I chose not to make any complaints whatsoever whilst it was still obvious that I was fully aware of the dangerous errors.
    I appreciated that the NHS is operating under huge pressure and stress.
    That was what I knew the Lord wanted in those circumstances.
    May God bless us all with desire to understand and obey His will as He directs each of us at different times and for every circumstance we encounter and in which our reaction as His children may be of vital importance. His thoughts… not ours.


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    (Here is Love)


  5. catriona says:

    (here is love)


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