I am thinking back to a vision the Lord seemed to give me in Dobbies, of all places, concerning the Coronavirus. I “saw” it, the Virus, sitting in human guise, at a table. I prayed in the vision but when I did, it seemed to know it had to leave the table it was sitting at. However, it simply moved to another. It was not completely free to operate as it chose, but it was still operating.

I believe what I was shown all these months ago was a pictorial representation of the various mutations. I think that is what the shifting tables represents. But I think too what I saw was a lesson in spiritual reality. We are never to be curious about evil, nor to mock it as Peter made clear in his second letter. However when we look at things from the standpoint of what is revealed by God in the bible, we get insight enough to know what to do.

Sometimes victory does NOT come as speedily as we desire or proclaim. To proclaim it always will is to give a false message. It is bravado rather than faith to proclaim or demand in every situation concerning every problem that everything should happen “right now.” There are times when the enemy operates against us by siege, and is allowed by God so to do, even if you or I cannot see the reason God may allow it.

A siege can last a long time, but it fails if those whom the siege is against in addition to weapons have strong defences, ample supplies of water and food etc. “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of our God.” (Psalm 46, Metrical Version)

So despite the variants pray on… but this post is about more than that specific siege.
I hope you can find hope in these same truths if you are living in a long term siege because of other realities in your life, family or circumstances than Coronavirus. A siege, by definition, is intended to last a long time. It is wearying.

Several times in the Psalms we read of God’s help coming to His people at an acceptable time. How often I have wished that acceptable time was NOW! I always want the Lord to come “right early” to borrow words once more from Psalm 46. Sometimes that does indeed happen and the siege is suddenly over when it looked as though it would be a long haul. But often the siege has continued past that point. In those moments I have been forced almost against my own inclination to discover more of the living water and bread of Christ. That sounds terrible as I write it and think about it. I am trying to be honest. There are times when I don’t want to go deeper: I just crave immediate relief.

If you are carrying the long term weariness of a siege, I pray you will discover something of the endless river of the eternal God that Psalm 46 speaks of. It would be worth your while to take time and read that Psalm.

Sometimes in my own experience a siege can last so long that when it is ended you are almost too weary to fully rejoice. In time you will, but it may take a while for weariness to dissipate and strength to be renewed and joy restored.

Why do things often work like this? I don’t know, but it is an important thread of spiritual reality woven into the Bible. The Bible teaches us the Victory of the cross over all evil was real and will be real forever, but the same Bible never encourages us to be anything other than a realist about living in the already here but still coming Kingdom the cross established. The “already here but still to come” salvation that is ours in Jesus can be a really tough mystery to live in.

I am praying today for you, if you are one of the besieged right now. From private messages I know many of you are in precisely this situation. May you somehow be able to taste Fresh Bread as you wait.

God bless


4 comments on “Besieged?

  1. smward1hotmailcouk says:

    Thank you, Kenny. i really needed that word today The eagle mounts up in the sky not by its own strength but by allowing the winds of god to carry it there, and winds take no notice of siege walls


  2. Annette Masters says:

    Perfect………sharing in His Sufferings……..stretched for greater glory…….putting to death the old………


  3. Christine Robinson says:

    Thank you for your prayers. Never more needed. Christine


  4. Billy Kelly says:

    Thanks Kenny. That was such a profound prophetic insight.


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