Does it work?

Spent some time today with someone who was given the right hand of fellowship by, among others, a sheriff and a policeman when he was welcomed into the church. He had dealings with them before for other reasons! The grace of God is wonderful. It is also wonderfully funny!

Our conversation was loud and animated. Others had to eat grace with their coffee whether they wanted to or not!?Interestingly, no one moved table and a waitress seemed to hover near when there was no need for her to do so.

I know C.S. Lewis seemed to disparage the question “Does it work” in comparison with “Is it true?” I think I still agree with what he meant by that, but the longer I live and minister I am more and more interested in the question “ Does it work?” I can hear Jordan Peterson’s voice immediately asking, “What do you mean by ‘it’ and ‘work’ and even ‘does’?” and rightly so! Well, gossiping grace seems to make a few ears twitch at times.

God bless