Sharing the joy from the beach…

Some more thoughts from the beach…Oyster Catchers and smoke alarms  needing their batteries replaced sound very similar…just thought I would share that discovery with you all… Also I have been trying to work out whether six poodles I saw having the time of their lives were running or flying by their ears….

Whatever sort of day you are having I pray you might notice something that will allow you and Jesus to smile and laugh together… like He and I did when a black Lab ran 200 yards across the sand to meet me like a long lost friend, sat quietly on my feet, looking out to sea with me and then lay down on the sand for a tummy tickle… and when an older dog breathlessly waddled 20 yards to do the same…. the owners seemed genuinely surprised and amazed and confused at their dogs’ behaviour…can’t prove it to you but I was singing a made up song in tongues at the time..I think the dogs were a sort of God thing happening…

God Bless you with simple and lovely  “happenings” that make you happy.  Oh yes, I know, I know, don’t bother writing to me to tell me it is “Joy” that endures that a Christian should treasure, happiness depends on what is happening and comes and goes etc… sigh, sigh, sigh! Poodles, Labs, other unidentifiable doggie mixtures with wagging tails, well we will just have to agree to disagree with you today on the austerity of your theology…

I was reminded of a poem about thankfulness that I wrote a while back, inspired by other dogs on another beach and the story of the one thankful leper out of 10  healed by Jesus on an occasion recorded for us in the gospels… Just sign off now if you don’t like poetry (I won’t know and I would not be offended if I did!). In fact, come to think of it,  skip it if you really do like poetry, for this follows no rules, follows nothing but my own thoughts. It makes me happy to write such things and to remember…


For eight-some reels
And twin making waters,
For swimming dogs
And staggering toddlers,
For day-shared thoughts
And songs in the darkness…

Thanks rise … from where to where?

Internal Evangelist
Mostly despised
One falls to the floor,
a leper no more
Nine dance through the door
Eighteen darkened eyes.

God Bless