Kenny’s Kindergarten…

Was thinking something through today as I was ambling along; felt I had reached a conclusion; asked God was I right or wrong in the way I was thinking. A that point I glanced to my right and there I saw a wall covered with brightly coloured ticks, the sort of tick a teacher would put beside a correct answer. “Cool,” as others than myself would say!!

This whole business of confirmation and fleeces etc need to be handled with care. What do I mean? Well, it would obviously be wrong of me to go and visit that wall again when I was looking for confirmation to do with something I was planning! That would be stacking the odds in my favour. It would also be wrong to  go that wall looking for confirmation if God had already spoken to me very clearly on something. If He has spoken with clarity and without any chance of error such as He does in the bible, well I don’t need to look to the right or to the left for confirmation. I just need to obey. Ask Zachariah: he would tell you he learned the hard way to ask no questions when God has sent a clear message!

It can be difficult to keep open a blank page for God to write on, a silence for God to speak into however that ability can be both gifted by God and learned and accessed by certain disciplines.  Let me use myself as an illustration of this sort of learning that I am talking about. I find that God speaks to me a lot in terms of  revelation of one sort  or another in pictures. It might be a prophecy He is seeking to give for someone or for a church meeting, or a word of knowledge or a word of Wisdom. He spoke to some of the prophets in bible days in that visual way and to Apostles like Peter. I usually know when it is God but when I am not sure, perhaps because of tiredness or medication of just some sort of loss of clarity spiritually for whatever reason, I try and check if what I am seeing could be the product of something I have read or seen in recent times. If it is, it still may be God, but He is patient, and  I humbly ask Him to speak the same message a fresh through some picture that has no obvious ink to anything I have been looking at in recent days.

Keeping a blank page open for the God who speaks. All of us can learn our own ways of doing that. I have shared just one pointer, but it is not a rule. We must not make our way the norm for everyone otherwise the Spirit will be quenched. My learned way of going about these things is far from being the only way of hearing and seeing, but it may be a help to some who feel they are making no progress. I guess I just am hoping you will take this matter before God and find your own way or ways into that stage of true open mindedness to the God who speaks, who reveals mysteries and loves to give HIs Holy Spirit to His children who ask Him for good things.

I may well follow this up with a blog soon about gifts of the Holy Spirit. That is where my thinking is going now as i write. We shall see… Enjoy the Kindergarten I go to still. Relax. It is meant to be fun to learn. Mind you some kindergartens are strict places. In the one I went to when I was phsycially young, they even used to give the belt to children who attended! Odd mix. The Tufty Club (which taught me a lot I use to this day!) and the Belt! Well, in the spiritual kindergarten I have a life long membership of,  it is mostly  Tufty Club, sometimes straightforward talking Green Cross Code type learning, but never the belt. In my Kindergarten you don’t get marched to the front, scolded before others and belted when you get it wrong!! It is a safe place to be and to learn and to grow…the great thing is, I never reach an age where I have to leave for the big school….

God bless