Thin places…

Be alert to when you have come to a thin place and a thin moment. Drop everything, get alone and be still until you sense the stillness lifting! If you do nothing, say nothing pray nothing that is fine. Simply drink in the One who is in the stillness. Something will have happened in that moment, something will have shifted in you or around you to the glory of God, even if you are not sure what. It will be made plain in time.

When the shadows fall upon hill and glen;
and the bird-music is mute;
when the silken dark is a friend;
and the river sings to the stars:
ask yourself, sister,
ask yourself, brother,
the question you alone have the power to answer:

O King and Saviour of all,
what is Thy gift to me?
and do I use it to thy pleasing?

From Hebridean Altars

Hope this blesses you as it blessed me today when I read it in “Celtic Daily Prayer”