A strange new thankfulness…

I have been looking back over my ministry thus far, and one thing surprised me as I did that; I find myself missing those who at times I have considered pests! Sorry if it rocks your faith or surprises you that a minister should regard anyone like that, but there are people who always seem to want your attention; who tend to turn up when you are really tired; who cannot read your body language that you are a bit uncomfortable; who miss even very direct  non subtle hints that it is time for them to leave!

However, this week I saw it: below all that was annoying, the  love  of many of them for me was unfeigned and the friendliness of their smile when they talked to me was genuine. Several of them prayed for me every night of their lives. Many of them are gone now from this earthly scene: I find myself missing them very much. Their names are dear to me.

I think of one who may or may not be alive; If he is, it is a miracle; if he is not it would be no surprise. His problem was drink; well actually that is nonsense: his drug was drink. His “problem” was a horrendous life story which included being made to sleep in the coal bunker when he was a small child. He used to growl at me and was occasionally threatening. I would not have fancied my chances if he landed one of his huge fists on me. To be honest, at times I could see him far enough. From time to time though he would hug me and say, “I love you mate.” Having said that, if I heard he was in Edinburgh again… well I might just delete this blog within a day and say “nonsense” to its thoughts!

Pastor or caring Christian or both: it may surprise you that in years to come you will miss those who you thought you would be glad to see the back of because to put it mildly they were quite hard work when they were around! Perhaps though, it is no surprise:  it is Christ in you helping you to love them with His love. You know that. However, you may discover this some day in the future as well; you will look back and find Christ in you being consoled by the reality of their love and friendship towards you.

May that help you when you cannot get away from someone this Sunday!


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  1. George Wilson says:

    ‘A coal bunker’

    Goodness, that drags a memory to the surface of my mind!

    I used to either seek safety in the coal bunker or, for some strange reason, play in it!

    The reason for seeking safety, I think, was to escape from family arguments that occurred in the house!

    No hiding under the bed for me for some reason!

    Now WHY I chose to play in the coal bunker I can only consider that because it was a SAFE haven, I was a SAFE place to play as well!

    During those years when I played in MY den with DINKY and MATCHBOX cars, the Holy Spirit was there creating MY retreat. Although, I can’t say that I am aware of that reality now, except by faith.

    Well Kenny, your blog only needed those two words in it to elicit that memory in me!

    Something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t think you were expecting it either, or were you?

    Blessings to all


  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Thanks for sharing Kenny
    The thing is I am one of those persons. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    I do not read body language. I just require a spontaneous , genuine vocal response. I think it is called a concrete explaination -the way to build good communication and relationship for some. It is challenging for others.
    To thine own self be true. I think can mean that God encourages the natural personal response to identify a reality of self. Who we are.
    Maybe the rejected know where to look again for what they have known in their experience .Simply we all fall short. I could find despair in human inadequacy. Mans conditioning and not unconditional love.
    God in me to reveal not to judge.
    God be with me . I remember to depend only on God.
    Why eat burger when steak is on the menu?.
    This is my genuine natural response born out of my life, which given the authority can also be my nemesis. For we are to love one another as He has loved us.
    I am to trust this .I believe to know this love and acceptance is a gift.
    It is a high calling.
    The light of the Holy Spirit shines brightly. Love covers us all. His banner over me is love. I like to write these truths in order that one day it will not be my unbelief that is apparent but God.
    I look now to healing for all of us.
    God is Good . No condemnation in Him. His resources are infinite.
    One love. Alpha and Omega.
    May all the addicts find the begining and end of their story was not in their drug of choice but in their addiction to find a haven, a safe place ,to be found in Gods Love .The love He has for us all. He provides a way of escape, a reality of truth that will melt hardened hearts.it will bring us home.


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