A Word for me today that may be for you too…

This morning, between attempt  2 and 3 to get up, this thought came to me: I think it was a God thought: “Kenny, you are doing the best you can!”

I get frustrated with myself these days. My thoughts towards me would be “Is this the best you can do then?” I almost taunt myself at times as though I was a boxer fighting against myself. Perhaps there are others who read this blog today who tend towards the same mistreatment of yourself as I do. Perhaps rather than encouraging yourself in weakness, you beat yourself up.

Freely I received His encouraging word this morning and I freely give it to any for whom it may help this day: “You are doing the best you can.” Those who most need to hear this will probably fight hardest against it, wanting to give many reasons as to why God could not possibly be saying that to them. If that is what you are doing right now, I pray that after attempt 2 or 3 you will truly receive it and find rest and peace in your Heavenly Father’s encouraging love.

Just a closing thought. Do you struggle with the idea that your Father in heaven may speak such an ordinary sounding word? Do you believe He is kind?

God bless


One comment on “A Word for me today that may be for you too…

  1. judith aitken says:

    O Kenny ( I’ve just found you, Ian ( Aitken) told me to look), yes, of course God speaks like that to us! It was 4pm yesterday before I could drag myself up not wanting to miss the 6.30 service at DMPC! And, yes, of course He is kind, why else did He send Jesus to the Cross if not to ensure we had the best life possible? I have been ‘ praying ‘ for you, but that is to centre you before God. I think I quoted Psalm 73:26 when we last met. Peace and joy , Judith.


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