A few days ago I had another pill added to my mix of medication. I am grateful for the benefit I feel already but I noticed myself straying into the edges of resentment as I announced to my wife, “You know, I was never ill before all of this.”

Within an hour as I was out and about I saw a lady in a wheelchair. However what was as obvious as her wheelchair was her wonderful, blazing-like-the-sun smile, visible from a hundred yards away. I looked at the person pushing her chair and she was smiling warmly. As I walked past them their smile was directed towards me. Whatever it was that was bringing them joy, it was producing so much joy that there was enough to share and to give away.

Well, that got me out of resentment, I can tell you. I suppose that somewhere at the root of their joy was gratitude. As soon as I passed them I encouraged my soul into an attitude of gratitude. There were so many things I could thank God for right there and then.

This morning when I woke feeling the benefit of my new medication but experiencing its side effects too, I started looking around me and could instantly think of a huge list of things for which I was genuinely thankful. I thought too of a prayer I heard Mahalia Jackson say on a recording just before she sang: “Lord we are thankful for the measure of health we have.” I have a far larger measure of health than millions of people, far better health care and am surrounded by love and prayer.

Just saying that an attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing. Try it. After a stuttering start, it may surprise you how all of a sudden it just takes off.

God Bless


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2 comments on “Gratitude

  1. Ian Paterson says:

    A timely reminder, Kenny, for so true. Glad the new med. is helping. Ian and Lorna


  2. Maggie Lane says:

    My mum used to tell me to think about all the things you can do, rather than the things you can’t do, she was a wise old bird who lived out the example of an attitude of gratitude – thanks for this reminder Kenny


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