Live as the Beloved and you cannot fail to minister.

It is not often that I have to close a book because it is so good I cannot read any more of it. It happened today as I read a chapter entitled “Ministry” in “A Spirituality of Living” by Henri Nouwen. Every line seemed to have the capacity to open up an ocean of thinking. It was just too much goodness to take in. It is worth remembering something that I mentioned in a blog a few months ago: Moses had to be hidden from the Lord’s goodness as  He passed by: if he had looked upon that goodness full in the face he could not have borne it; it would have killed him.

Well anyway, I thought I might share one or two sentences about Ministry. It seems as though H.N. as he writes equates ministry with “healing” in one shape or form or another and in  the broadest sense as well. That is probably the best and simplest one word summary to cover all different ministries and ministry in general that anyone can come up with. With that in mind, here are some words to mull over:

“All disciples of Jesus are called to ministry. Ministry is not, first of all, something that we do (although it calls us to do many things).  Ministry is something that we have to trust. If we know we are the beloved, and if we keep forgiving those with whom we form community and celebrate their gifts, we cannot do other than minister…We have to trust that if we are the son or daughter of God power will go out from us and people will be healed… Trust in that healing power. Trust that if we are living as the beloved we will heal people whether or not we are aware of it…” (“A Spirituality of Living pages 44 – 45. Buy the book! It is short, easy to read and full of good stuff!)

I do hope you can believe this. Live as the Beloved and you can forget any angst about God using you and can stop worrying about whether or not you have any effect around you. Hoping this blessed you as much as it blessed me,


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3 comments on “Live as the Beloved and you cannot fail to minister.

  1. George Wilson says:

    Thank you Kenny,
    I needed this reminder today!

    Is it strange that we forget at times that we are the beloved of God?
    That we almost forget that Jesus is our brother, even though he is our saviour?

    So much of the world crowds around us that we lose sight of the reality of God’s love at times!

    We stray just a little too far from our ‘comfort zone’ and our nervousness can get the better of us!

    At some point we eventually stop and wait until we have caught up with ourselves and realise that although we may be out of our comfort zone, Jesus is still with us and He is not out of His comfort zone and we can allow the nervousness to dissipate as we are enfolded in His love.



  2. Rick Hayes says:

    Christian Ministry is meeting the needs of others on the basis of God’s resources. John Wimber

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