8th. November: A Charismatic Christian thinking some thoughts, sharing some memories….

Just looking at prophecies about who will win the election in the USA – some big names in that scene, some not so well known, some very bold, some speaking double-talk so they can’t be pinned down… well, we’ll see… they were wrong about year 2K, but no apology for getting it wrong was offered then, and that didn’t seem to bother folk who continued to support their ministries, buy their books, watch their T.V. shows and fund their lifestyles. Ah well, at least rice sellers made some business out of it…

If they are right, well it is hardly noteworthy since there are only two main candidates, but I guess we will hear about their correct “one out of two” choice, as satelite T.V digs out the clips…but if they are wrong this time round, will they admit they have got it wrong? Is it only the political scene that is corrupt and politicians that can be unaccountable? As a charismatic who blieves in Prophecy and has been on the receiving end of being powerfully and accurately ministered to prophetically, this type of thing worries me….Looks like the bulk of them think God by political persuasion is…well, watch the clips and you will soon see….

Jeremiah 23 comes to mind….. it would be more profitable to read that and tremble than to watch the prophecy videos. By the way, this is what it means to break the commandment against taking the Lord’s name in vain; attaching His Name to our thoughts and pronouncements…. it is serious. Lest you think this is anti- American, let me assure you it is not. Some of the godliest, loveliest most sincere and sanctified Christians I ever met are American, Republican and Democrat by genuine persuasion: working at their marriages, living out the bible, caring,  generous in the extreme, courteous to all and holy in a most beautiful way. I should also say that some of the humblest and most accurate prophets I have ever met come from the good old U.S of A, prophets who helped me stand in awe of God, or more accurately to lower my head  and weep in His holy presence; the same applies to Bible Teachers and Church leaders  from America who have blessed me greatly and continue so to do. I think about them often, and the very memory of them refreshes my soul.

By the way, any adverts that appear on my blog, don’t come from me….just in case you think I am luring you into gambling or even worse….! I want to scream at  the folk at WordPress, “Get them out of here” and “Shut up”  and “nasty” and “lock them up”,  which seem to be  current”in” phrases. I could get rid of them by paying something…but I am not only a Charismatic Christian but a Scottish Charismatic Christian, so sadly, the adverts stay, unless one of you wants to prophesy otherwise…

God bless…”and please God, bless America and the American Church.”



4 comments on “8th. November: A Charismatic Christian thinking some thoughts, sharing some memories….

  1. George Wilson says:

    I do recall that even prophets, or, so they believed that they were in Egypt prior to the departure of the Hebrew’s from that country may have been done away with because their prophecies did not find agreement with the Pharaoh at that point in time!

    I believe that the same was true in the book of Daniel, where a number of the “king’s” prophets were killed because their utterances did not align with the dreams of the King!

    How will our current day ‘prophets’ who are not necessarily providing a true utterance from God be dealt with?



    For want of better words!

    Blessings to all


  2. kenny galloway says:

    Love your humour, Kenny. So much like me, according to my wife!


  3. Ben Eikelboom says:

    Well, at least the advert I saw didn’t want to lure me into gambling but just suggests that I should visit the Jewish Museum soon. Not a bad thing to do after the madness that hit Unesco producing a scandalous declaration on Jerusalems heritage.


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