Thoughts of a Bible believing Christian on November 8th. result…

Some more  personal thoughts on waking today to America’s choice of President:

I totally understand why many  in many countries and in the USA itself will feel horrified, and many would have been equally/slightly-less/slightly-more/a-lot-less/a-lot-more-horrified if it had gone the other way… but I am not sure why this was so unexpected. There’s something in the air….not saying whether it is good or bad, I am personally unsure, but time will tell… but “there’s something in the air”….bigger than America… And while I am in song quoting mood, remember God is God: I am not saying peace peace where there is no peace, but am singing along with Bob Marley, “Don’t worry about a thing, everything’s going to be alright…”  (Don’t worry about me either – I am not a Rastafarian and never will be; someone my height would not get away with hair like that).

Whatever mixture of judgement and grace may being outworked at the moment or in days to come, ultimately it works out. God is God and there is no other. Remmeber the comfort and challenge that the God of Jeremiah 18 and the potter’s wheel is still true to Himself. Even if we are faithless to Him, He remains faithful to Himself for He cannot disown Himself or His promises as revealed in that true for all and for all time prophetic word. Final song: that thought brings me hope but “sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble. tremble…”

God Bless and God Bless America.


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  1. I’m struggling with this sentiment which I am seeing from so many of my Christian colleagues today. It just feels like a platitude I’m afraid. God is sovereign and one day, at the end of the age, everything will be made new, that I agree with. But right now we live in a fallen world and everything is not OK and it might not be tomorrow. God was sovereign but the holocaust happened, Mussolini, Mugabe and so on. God calls us to help bring about His Kingdom now, to join in the redemption of our world. We don’t do that by sitting back saying that everything will be OK, we take the hint and we set to work!


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