Beginning to get excited…

C. G.  Jung has written many things that perhaps would not sit easily with bible believing Christians. However, I have to say that there are one or two things I have read over the years attributed to him that have brought the life and help of God to the deepest places in my humanness.

I have been sharing with you over these last few months something of the journey into the new phase of life that I now find myself in, which is becoming easier for me now to genuinely enjoy and thank God for. Ostensibly it is because of illness that this new phase has happened. However I refuse to give illness the glory. It is God in his goodness that is in charge of all my days – and your days too –  and in that I rejoice.

There have been darker moments in this story of readjustment which is now progressing well. I found a little book by Joyce Rupp very helpful. She is from the Catholic tradition. I have found that tradition very helpful in recent times. It is not they have changed my Protestant theology but sometimes Protestant theology is not so good at connecting the truth it has taught us to treasure with the experience of humanness, or at least that has been my experience. At times indeed it can be so self consciously a defender of itself that it can be a bit militant and insensitive to human need, looking at all questioning or doubting as an assault. For that reason, I have found myself seeking refuge and finding life in writers that I would previously not really have bothered looking at. Anyway, in her helpful little book, “Little Pieces of Light: Darkness and Personal growth,” Joyce Rupp quotes C. G. Jung. It is a quote that is now added to the 2 or 3 other helpful quotes from Jung that are stored in my memory from somewhere or other that have been helpful to me personally and in my pastoral ministry over the years: I quote this by kind permission of the publisher, Paulist Press:

Resurrection occurs only after the tomb encloses a resident. Psychologist C.G. Jung indicates the tomb or cave as the place where “a person goes when there is a great work to be accomplished, an effort from which one recoils.” Renewal whether of the earth or the human heart, contains its own “Holy Saturday” when the darkness smells of death and shows no evidence of movement. Yet, unseen during this period, life stirs, moves, and changes into something surprising.(Page 28).”

I found these words helpful. Our “cave” or “tomb” experiences can mean the beginning of something new, after something or even someone in our life has passed away. I suspect that we all know that, but it is the emphasis that Jung places on the cave experience, or I guess you could say the desert experience, as being where we go “when there is a great work to be done.”

Perhaps like myself, some aspects of ministry are not open to you as they once were. Can you believe that the best may be yet to be in your life?  I hope you believe that your contribution to the Kingdom of God and indeed to life in general is really vital, unique and needed. It is important to mourn to acknowledge a sense of loss when we are carrying it, but never forget that ours is a resurrection faith. When you think you will be stuck forever in mourning, remember that. Who knows what good things from a good God are still to come? I am believing that my best days are still to be. It may be a less “public” life, but that suits me fine, in fact it suits me, my inner DNA as it were, really, really well!  I think this phase of life is a gift of God’s goodness to me and indeed to Morag. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

God bless


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4 comments on “Beginning to get excited…

  1. Colin Mutch says:

    You have no idea how helpful your comments are to me right now Kenny. Thanks for sharing them


  2. Lisa Bramley says:

    thank you so very much for sharing this , Colin ; it is also very relevant to me at this time and will continue to be and Yes , I truly believe ‘ the best is yet to come. ‘ Praise God.


  3. jackie newton says:

    Kenny, Thank you, thank for your encouragement, it been some time since I have spoken to you about how things are for me, but what you are writing has helped me so so much, sometime I read your blogs and cry the whole way through l other times a gasp for breath and reach for the hope I so desperately need to hear. You know a bit, that I started with facial pain in 1994 almost as soon as I became a Christian. Then in 2005 I had a huge amount of dental treatment at a massive cost, nerves damaged, implants put in, pain and drugs morphine from 2009 until 2013 when I finally got a dentist who removed my damaged nerve and told me they that had set my implants in the nerve canal, he removed both dental implants in 2013, anyway long story short the pain is now constant , probably because of the massive amount of treatment. Financial it has cost me every thing because I had to go private and once you do that you can’t step back into NHS. The drugs over the years have had a terrible effect mentally physically. The Lord has been with me and has spoken things that would have been impossible without him. He showed me in a dream before the implants were removed,( a Christian conference where a group of Korean people were there to bless Scotland, a woman I knew to be a enemy handed me a sum of money and told me to give it to the Korean people as a gift it was £185, the dream felt so real I could see her even smell her perfume, when I woke I asked the Lord if I had really not forgiven her, I felt him say “she chose to be an enemy” He I said I am going to bless you and set a table before your enemies.) I woke thinking that was weird Lord. When I went to the dentist in Perth, Paul Stone one of the top dentists in Scotland, he said he had been really uncomfortable with the idea of removing my implants because it meant splitting my bone and quite serious surgery, but he had just received a new tool from Korea never used it on anyone before like a wee wrench, you screw into the implant and extract it without cutting into the bone, he was so excited, he had only just got it, my bill came to £185, he said no charge. Yet am still in pain all the time with nerves damaged and constant burning, it makes no sense at all yet I know God was with me all the way, that He has a purpose, there are times I loose sight of that and panic hits me and I start to ask what have I done Lord? I have had “prophets”!! Tell me God says stop being sorry for yourself just move on and forget it claim you are healed, it’s because you don’t have enough faith or you are out of God’s will. I know you are in pain, and things are not the same for you as they were, but I want to thank you for the words of Hope and truth you write, you are very much in my heart and prayers. Bless you and Thank you Jackie xx

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  4. Susan Fyvie says:

    Thankyou Kenny … very helpful 👌


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