God’s Word is never wrong. His Spirit is never wrong. The trouble can be with our hearing, but more often than not, it is with our trusting, or our obeying. Most of us hear  God better than we think we do, but trusting what we hear, obeying it? Mmm… “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey.

Has your  trust or obedience wavered this day? My trust wavered today despite a promise from God. I don’t like that it wavered, but it did.  I don’t think it failed, but “waver?” Yes, definitely, the cap fits, so I am wearing it and trying to learn from it.  If, as is sometimes taught, we just believe that Christ laughs when we get it wrong and congratulates us for trying anyway, then not only are we ignorant of the Jesus of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the way He disciples people, but we dismiss the teacher that experience can become to us in the hands of Christ. All I can say is that the good thing I needed to happen, that God promised would happen, that my trust began to waver over, well, guess what it happened, even if it was all a bit last minute-ish. He really does bless us way beyond all that we could ask or think possible. Remember that.

I am so glad the prayer is there in the bible: “Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief.” Here is the wonderful thing… He does. Not sure that I did very well with the faith and trust thing today, but at least I know it, acknowledge it… and just as truly as I heard a word that all would be well,  I am just as clearly not hearing a word of condemnation. Rather there is a gracious presence around me, the presence of Christ. Somehow with His help I look forward to faith being steadier when it needs to be, next time round. Remember that Jesus is “Teacher”: it is a teacher’s calling to get someone from A to B; a skillful teacher puts in the necessary steps on the journey for the student or pupil and helps them learn from their mistakes. The mistake that bible teaching ministries can make, and don’t seem to learn from in time to rescue the relationship between themselves and their congregation,  is that the “Teacher” stands on the platform or in the pulpit or at the lectern calling everyone to move over to embrace whatever it is that they are teaching without putting in the stepping stones of the journey that show an understanding of humanity. That is an unwise teacher, in fact whatever that is, it is not being a teacher at all. Jesus is referred to in the bible as “Good Teacher.” I know that is probably meaning some sort of moral commendation, it may also have been said on occasions in an insincere way, but do you think Jesus has a bad teaching technique? Of course not.

Only a  foolish teacher would bypass the opportunities offered when someone gets it wrong as though mistakes did not matter and could be laughed off; that would be neither kindness, nor grace, it would just be folly. It is a misrepresentation of the Son of God; indeed it is a misrepresentation of the Father and the way He relates to His children; it is a misrepresentation of the indwelling Holy Spirit and the way He teaches God’s children. God is kind and good; He is not harsh when disciplining His children and helping us to learn, but He is not an idiot either. It is the Kingdom of God we are to live in, not Disneyland. There is Discipline and sometimes it is painful; however when God disciplines us, not harshly but at times painfully, it proves He regards us as His children, as belonging to Him. At times there are hard lessons to learn. Mistakes need not be fatal spiritually, though they can be; the idea though is that we are children who learn from our mistakes with the help of a loving and good Father and a loving and good Teacher  and indeed help others to learn from out mistakes too, so that that coming generations of Christ’s people don’t need to re-invent the wheel, as it were.

Oh yes, I should also say am so grateful for all of you who perhaps  felt led by God’s Spirit to pray for me today. Somehow I know those prayers were part of the good thing happening. It is good to be part of a body, in fact it is wonderful!

So how did I do today? Mmh, not sure. However:

1 – I come to the end of today thankful to a God of grace, having learned  once again that He really does speak to us by His Word and His Spirit and we can stake everything upon His promises to us; I find myself wanting to respond to that more fully than I did today; it would not only honour God if I did, but it would save me from needless stress;

2 – I come to the end of today, sensing anew that Jesus is the best of teachers;

3 – I also come to the end of the day thinking that one of the worst things in the realm of human experience is having no one who prays for you…

Have you learned from your “today”?

God Bless


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3 comments on “Learning…

  1. John Bathgate says:

    So encouraging Kenny,thankyou.


  2. Fran Brady says:

    Loved this blog. Sometimes I think all I do is learn from my mistakes. It’s good to know that God is patient and loving and lets us go on learning. Someone (JPJ?) said that we never ‘fail’ God’s tests; we just keep getting to sit them again and again until we pass.

    Something I need to learn right now, Kenny, is your postal address! I have a copy of ‘WordWise’ (magazine of the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers) for you as you have a poem published in it (having given me your permission – I am the editor).

    My email address is: franbbrady@aol.co.uk. You can send your address to me through that. Many thanks. It’s a great poem.

    Maybe you would consider joining SFCW? Only two (optional) meetings a year in Stirling but four magazines a year and a lovely, supportive network of fellow Christian writers to be part of.


  3. kenny galloway says:

    Missing your blogs, brother. Praying for you just now.

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