Who is telling you to do this?

Well, we have now moved house…Morag has been through surgery….Christmas and new Year are past…and only now do I find I have the energy to get back to blogging. Things take longer and take more out of me and to get over with my breathing problems than at times I realise or make allowance for. The thing is, that is actually ok…so why  do I feel it is not? I guess the “Accuser of the brethren” and of the sisters too,  is as deadly alive and as unwell as ever.

So early on in 2017, but later than I had hoped, I want to ask you a question: What voices do you need to stop listening to, once and for all, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who died and was raised once and for all? I realise now that some of the pastoral advice I have given in the past was based on feeling well rather than upon the Wisdom and Word of God. It came from my experience of  a very happy, stable, loving and encouraging background and of good health, physically, spiritually and mentally: it did not always come from the heart or mind of God towards some person or situation, though it was well meant. For example: I have generally told people to hold their ground in situations that are spiritually discouraging. I think I picked up in the past that was the only right thing to do. It was almost an evangelical law: and you know what? Surrounded by encouragement and in possession of good health and support, it is within reach to do that. The trouble is that not everyone is blessed with such realities. Remember, in this New Year,  that Your Father in Heaven cares about you: He cares about the welfare of those who live above all things for Him and who serve Him. I am not wanting to direct you towards a change or a transition, but a “chance” encounter with someone I met yesterday makes me feel that perhaps there are a few valiant  but tired souls who need to be given permission to move….to move out of a difficult  relational, work or church situation. Not directing… but just giving you permission to rethink some religious but not necessarily biblical laws and rules about the right thing to do….

Thing is… I am sure  I was meant to learn this years ago…. perhaps if I had  I might not be in the state  I am in now and might have been more help to some people who I have not been able to help very much… ? Don’t know….Lord have mercy…. So, partly from personal experience, partly from knowing God in Christ better than I once did, please consider what I am saying to you in the love and the Name of Christ….It may preserve your life and health, your joy and wellbeing, your days on earth, your days with your loved ones and least important of all, prolong your days of active ministry….

God bless


P.S: thanks for all Facebook Messages over the Festive Season from many who love us faithfully; please don’t take lack of response as lack of appreciation; it  is genuinely an energy issue in a way that I don’t fully understand and have still to fully accept. Some days the slightest extra thing seems beyond reach. Will get back to you a.s.a.p. which may mean a wee while yet!  Much love, dear friends. Kenny

One comment on “Who is telling you to do this?

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    Discerning the voice of God.
    The voice that does not speak of my fear but a hope and a future , not just future hope A hope that is ever present. Yesterday today forever Jesus is the same.
    So whatever fickle fancy of the time appeals me to listen, l am to remember we are grounded and rooted in this eternal love . The love that passeth understanding.
    The voices we heed today that bring momentary relief a blessing maybe, to have a place in outer refreshing.
    This being rooted and grounded in love is a call to go deeper to find the living water of joy in a desert land.
    I do not need to wait in despondency for refreshing rain to fall for being rooted and grounded we have the source at our feet.
    This is the voice that speaks to me now , today ,it is the voice of promise made and kept.
    Good to hear from you Kenny.


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