Try and not roll your eyes….

I had a dream  as I dropped off to sleep during a very short time of prayer (conservative evangelicals roll their eyes at  that: “ Careful, here we go, some sort of extra biblical revelation on its way”);

it was about Adam and Eve, the real ones (liberals roll their eyes at “These fundies” );

they were naked and their genitalia  were very obvious (religious spirits  are now causing a few more people to roll their eyes and trying to get them to sign off).

It seemed to me ludicrous that the two human beings I saw in my dream might self-identify as anything other than what they obviously were, male and female, man and woman, unless they were to come under the most enormous deception from whatever source.

It is a shame that in this fallen and deceived world, what may have become a confusion and a source of secret suffering for some, is becoming misunderstood and so much the domain of the PC police,  that  it is being turned into nothing but a fashionably acceptable choice for others. It is a cruel course the PC ship is set on, despite what it claims to the contrary. Look at what it did in its earlier days with the lovely word “Outing.” That used to be associated with streamers and ice-cream and singing on a bus. It became a threat.

God Bless


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2 comments on “Try and not roll your eyes….

  1. Sarah Finegan says:

    I am feeling a wee bit slow today and I had to read this a few times to realize you were talking about gender and gender confusion. It is very real and painful journey for children and their families to be on and it makes me weep when I listen to parents who are doing their best with the information they have.

    Oh – wouldn’t it be great if there was a new level of openness for people to share this “secret” they carry heavily without it becoming a trend. If only we had the wisdom about how to do this?


    • revkennyblog says:

      Indeed Sarah. The way it has been hijacked and turned into political crusade fodder on the one hand or cheapened into being a fashionable trend on the other hides a lot of pain where the confusion is genuine.


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