God can still be for us but become as an enemy to His people according to my bible….

“Yet they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit. So he turned and became their enemy and he himself fought against them (Isaiah 63.10).”

Prior to the 1949 revival in Lewis, the Presbytery realised there was little evidence of the working  of God’s Spirit within its  parishes, little favour from God  upon the means of grace He has given to His people, they did not have endless meetings about restructuring either the appearance of sanctuaries or the workings of the Church at large.  Instead they sent a letter around the parishes encouraging people to repent and pray, as clearly the Lord had a controversy with His people.

By some at least that was heeded. There was a seeking in prayer. The result was revival.

But then, perhaps in those days and places within the Church and even outwith the Church people feared God more than analysed Him, and were less syrupy and sentimental about what “God is love” actually means.

I wonder how the suggestion that  God has a controversy with His Church in Scotland would be received nowadays…..? I hope we are not so committed to our own programmes or prejudices about church or what is needful for the hour mission-wise, that we would not allow God to wreck our well meaning plans and sincere discussions and blow them out of the water never to be heard of again.  I remember God humbling me (or perhaps I was obedient to the Scriptures and humbled myself – a much wiser option!) not long ago about a prejudice. I am not humble enough to tell you what it the prejudice was…perhaps one day I will.

By the way, I always served in churches that saw a real measure of the blessing of God, the moving of His Holy Spirit, but in my own estimation it was ever only a measure. That is what I see around Scotland at the moment, well at least in circles I move in or know something about; blessing  in all sorts of places and churches, sometimes much blessing, but ultimately even where it seems much, only a measure, sometimes exaggerated and sadly not always truthfully explained or reported.  I believe completely in the sovereignty of God, and yet I believe we were and are meant to see more of His favour upon our life and service.

God Bless


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One comment on “God can still be for us but become as an enemy to His people according to my bible….

  1. Shona MacLeod says:

    Hi Kenny thank you so so much for this comment ..02/03/2017 It resonates really truly with my heart recently .. your blog is immensely helpful and real food for the soul .I look forward to it every night.. the sad thing is ..the people of Scotland are perishing drinking out of broken cisterns that hold no water and we know where the living water is.. the other thing is most terribly that they are going to hell without Christ and I am hardly moved .. they need to see the desperate nature of sin and their desperate need of Jesus Christ plus His willingness to save.. and I need to be desperate and not care about my own life as long as His gospel is spread and ‘every creature’ is told the GOOD NEWS! .. with much love to you and Morag ..Shona MacLeod (Stornoway)


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