Overflow thoughts…

Are we willing for a revival where all the glory goes to God? Are we willing for Him to move as He wants not as we say He must? Are we willing that He should move in a place or though a church, a generation, an individual that we think of as suspect? Are we willing to be used or set aside completely, whatever means glory to Him? Are we willing for our preaching, our writing to be shown to be wrong, lamentably wrong despite our sincerity: all the times we have said, “God will,” or “God can’t” or “God wants to” or God won’t” or “God is waiting” for this or that change to happen in the church? Are we willing for our prophecies and programmes to be bypassed? Do we want the God who honours above all things His own Name and HIs own Word?

Oh, if we prayed as much as we theorise, discuss, criticise, judge, try and show ourselves right and others wrong, who knows what may happen? “Whenever, whoever, wherever whatever it looks like Lord, glorify your Name. Honour your Word and your Son!” This is my hope and fear; even when we are faithless to Him, He remains faithful to Himself. He cannot deny Himself, be other than Himself for anyone at anytime. He is gloriously, wonderfully Himself. Do we want Him to be Himself?

One comment on “Overflow thoughts…

  1. Kim Ennis says:

    It is not our want that determines but who He is.

    For His love has shown me a little because I see little.
    That little is an open door to freedom.
    Do I understand How to trust ,not fully.
    But Jesus is there and holds out His hand to me
    I grasp hold as though my life depends on it It does.


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