Why do we get so complicated about things?

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Why do we make such a mystery about mission?

I know of a church – one of the Struthers Group of churches –  where 3 people have been saved lately: two in one meeting last week, and the other a week or two before. There is no technique. From what I can see looking on, it seems as though people just bring their friends along expecting they will encounter Christ, given time; the Christ who is present in a very real way, drawing near by the power of the Holy Spirit in the gathering of His people. To that you can add the sharing of testimony as a regular part of the church gathering, as well as straightforward preaching of God’s Word and significant time and space given to wholeheartedly worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. No angst about the whole thing, just prayer and faith nourished expectation that the Lord will work…

God Bless