I have known what might be referred to as signs and wonders now and then. Here’s my thoughts:

Transportationfrom one place to another in a moment of time: interesting.

Deliverance: interesting, but a bit predictable when it has happened two or three times.

Being slain in the Spirit: very thankful indeed.

Seeing gold dust and oil: beautiful, wish it would happen again.

Other signs and wonders: intriguing.

You know what? Take all signs and wonders tand put them together  and they are not as wonderful, as stunning, as runaway fascinating or desireable as the Lord Jesus Christ. He really is the fairest of ten thousand, the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star. He alone is the bread the soul longs for when it is awakened from spiritual death unto life.

Oh that He might be honoured, seen, presented, sought this coming Lord’s Day. Oh that He might be preached and presented to men and women, children and youths and not simply the preacher’s knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, Classics, the issues of the day. Oh that some may be surprised by a voice and look to see who is speaking and behold one as the Son of Man and fall at His feet, dead, only to hear, “Fear not. I am He that liveth and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore; I am here, now, for you.”

A suggestion for preachers: you have a day left to refine your semon notes, if you use notes, or to refine whatever type of preparation you have made. Physically, or in your mind, put a red pen through everything you intended to say which you know in your heart is there so that people would be impressed by you, by your learning or knowledge, the breadth of your reading, your grasp of church challenges, your life story,  though of course thank God for all that He has helped you to know and to learn and all Christ has made you: it is all there in you, all part of you now,  so that you may glorify Christ before His people and to the lost. Let it all come together to glorify Christ, not you.  Ask yourself as honestly as you can as you read or think over what you have prepared questions like,   “What is that sentence there for?” “Why am I sharing that story?” “Who will people admire when they hear this?”

God Bless


3 comments on “Christ!

  1. Lynn Lindsay says:

    and to the lost
    He, Christ Jesus, loves the lost, as much as He loves those who have been found by Him !!!!!!


  2. David McNeill says:

    Good words. The Lord bless you. May we all fall more in love with the all in all, the point of everything, Christ.


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