Lions may roar but even the smallest of dogs can’t half bark !

I think this my most quoted biblical text in my blog even if I am taking it out of context a bit: I often consoled myself with it on a Saturday night anticipating preaching the following morning.

“Better to be a living dog than a  dead lion.” (Ecclesiastes 9:4)

I am so grateful that I have known lions  of the faith in my life time and read of many more from eras long gone. I have heard them roar magnificently in the pulpit and seen their fearlessness in leadership. I am so grateful for the meat with which they have fed me and the protection and safety I felt in their presence.  However many of them are no longer in this world. At least I am still alive. I may not have the impressive roar of a lion, but I can still bark a bit and make a sound or two for Jesus and if you are reading this, so can you. So make that sound!

Remember though that  when we go beyond giving honour where honour is due and make our lions our idols, well, all our idols have feet of clay.

God bless



One comment on “Lions may roar but even the smallest of dogs can’t half bark !

  1. George Wilson says:

    Thanks for this one Kenny!

    For a while after being paid off
    at the end of a contract I ended up “passing the time” putting FREE advertising papers through people’s doors!

    I came across a lot of dogs – large and small!

    I remember one Great Dane about the size of a horse. It was just a little step up for the dog to place one paw on each of my shoulders and it would have licked the skin from my face like a giant puppy!
    One dog had a severe guard dog mentality who was not into letting me anywhere near the letter box! It bared it’s teeth and growled most of the time. Any time I brought the paper into view the dog would react! I believed sneakingly that the dog had been beaten by someone using a newspaper, or similar!
    It took me a while of sneaky behavior before I just threw the paper turned and just jumped over the gate while the dog was still in a puzzled state!

    However, the worst relation I had with a dog; was a dog that belonged to the neighbour!

    I had just put the paper through the door and was walking back to my bicycle when I heard the continual yapping of a little terrier chasing me and starting to nip at my lower ankles!

    Of the the three, it was the most dangerous:

    *It sneaked below my radar!

    *It had an enlarged sense of the territory it desired to protect!

    *It left a message in a definitive way by biting me!

    Don’t ask me if there is any spiritual fruit in these words.
    I leave that for everyone who reads them to consider!

    These are just reminiscences for me!

    Blessings to all!


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