Who are the movers and shakers in the land anyway? Maybe it’s you! Why should it not be?

So long as your name is loved and owned by Jesus before the Father’s face and known and hated in hell, don’t worry if it is misrepresented or ever known on earth.

Spent time this week with a lovely Spirit-filled couple in church leadership who probably don’t get asked to any gatherings of those who consider themselves movers and shakers in the land, yet they are most definitely so in the Kingdom of God. They talked about the vision God had given, a vision that is on course to establish churches. It is already well under way. Folk are being saved, filled with the Spirit and set free, one person here, two people there and on it goes; one town after another touched by the moving of God.

So, I praise God this day for every work of faith that He has established whether in a blazing spotlight of admiration or for the most part hidden from view. I thank God for the doers. One day they may silence the talkers. “Oh God, save us from all the talk, the paralysis of analysis, the endless surveys of our parishes, the fundamentalist approach to mission which proscribes what will work today and what won’t.” The days are evil. The time is short. The fields are white unto harvest. Let’s just do something for Jesus out of love for him, compassion for people and a desire for the glory of God above all else.

Posted this on Facebook earlier, but then felt I was to add a prophetic nudge: God’s eye of love and appreciation is upon someone who reads this blog whose work has been costly and overlooked (over time and in a hurtful way more recently), whose views are not asked for or sought despite you having much to contribute from  your diligent study intelligent articulacy  and practical experience. God notes the giving of a cup of cold water and so rest assured He has noticed your giving of yourself in much more costly and yet just as humble ways; mostly in ways unacknowledged by others. “Come up higher, friend.” These are words that you are sure to hear, someday, somehow. Rest in your belovedness and continue to be obedient to the heavenly vision.

God Bless


2 comments on “Who are the movers and shakers in the land anyway? Maybe it’s you! Why should it not be?

  1. judithjamesdavies says:

    Thank you


  2. Janet says:

    God knows every thought, sees every action, hears every prayer, acknowledges every single act of obedience. One, small, unseen act of obedience is equal to a thousand souls being saved in Gods eyes. He sees the faithful, painful,perseverance of his children, the spiritual exhaustion when the battle is fierce and long, the rejection of those you long to be saved.Yes there are movers who appear to do nothing and shakers who quiver as the tiniest blade of grass blown by the Holy Spirit.


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