Make Christ a talking point!

Heard a wonderful testimony tonight at Struthers Church, Cumbernauld from a man called Jim. It made me think that “Testimony” is one of the most underused weapons in the arsenal of a Christian.

People expect preachers to speak about God, but somehow a testimony from a person who is not a preacher disarms people as well as overcoming the evil one. It is so powerful.

As well as encouraging you to share your testimony this week when a door is even partly open, here is another idea: ask someone to share their testimony with you! We need to build up one another’s confidence in sharing the story of Christ in our lives.

I was constantly amazed in Wester Hailes by how freely people could speak about God in the setting of a small cafe church. No reserve, no embarrassment. I was even more amazed at the directness with which people would ask a new comer even on the first week they came , “So when did God come into your life?”

I  felt so worried and embarrassed for the newcomer by such a direct approach. Here’s the thing though: everybody who was asked that question, was able to give an answer, to share  about when they knew God was real; yes, everyone!  I am not saying they all could tell a story of how they became Christians. Some had still to take that step and were still facing a lost eternity – some did take that step and some to my knowledge have not yet taken that step – but they had already experienced that God was real and were aware of His help. It was an amazing thing to hear people that were still lost sharing a “testimony” with genuine gratefulness and an honest awareness that they would probably not be alive were it not for the help of God. These stories had a powerful effect on me and brought a silence over the group which I recognised as the stilling of troubled seas that happens when God is there in grace and power.

Let’s make Christ a talking point, as far as it depends on us.

God Bless



4 comments on “Make Christ a talking point!

  1. George Wilson says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Where I heard the following words I am not sure:

    I was sure it was from the Bible, but upon a quick check using a search engine, I cannot locate them!

    Anyway the words:

    “Where there is no testimony, (the church) or (Faith) (fades);(fails)”, or some other words!

    It seems like the kind of wording that may even be in Proverbs!

    Perhaps, I will come across them again in the future!

    They certainly seem the type of words that should be in the Bible!



  2. Kim Ennis says:

    Proverbs has Gods advice.
    How we love to talk and share and so often what is reflected is a discouraged heart.
    But giving testimony is so opposite it is like strength to my feeble knees.
    The love of Gods quicken s its pace in my heart.. This is reality and reverence.
    How amazing.
    I have been asked to meet with another soul that is disturbed and troubled tomorrow. Imprisoned spirit.
    I am prepared that the conversation will be infiltrated by a divisive tone.
    The testimony of Gods word is gentle and kind but it stands as a strong tower.
    No greater love than this.My chains fell off.
    He bled for Adams helpless race.


  3. judithjamesdavies says:

    Amen and amen


  4. George Carratt says:

    They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; Rev 12:11


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