It’s all Barbie’s fault!

I felt a tenderness today for those who do not believe in a Creator God: well, at least for some of them. I felt some, at least, were caught in a story they had told, that they could not see an escape from, save to their own detriment.

Let me explain: it is all due to Facebook! A toddler had painted her Barbie’s toes with nail-varnish. However the nail-varnish had not just gone on Barbie’s toes but all over Barbie and then all over sheets and blankets and  the bedroom carpet too! When asked by her Dad for an explanation, she said, “Barbie told me to!” She had said, “No,” to Barbie, but Barbie had apparently said to her a hundred times to do it… so she did! The conversation with her father went on for quite some time. She kept reaffirming the story, through snuffling upset and wavering conviction, that Barbie told her to do what she did a hundred times. Take a look and see if your heart does not melt!

I found it sort of cute. Did she really believe her own story or did she know there was no truth in it but feel that she had no option except to keep going with it? Was she escaping responsibility and accountability? In the end whatever may have been the case, I felt compassion for her and tenderness and deep love. She was lost in her own story and could not quite admit it and find a way out.

Suddenly I felt the same for those who chant the story of “Chance” to explain why there is everything  instead of nothing. It is a complete fairy tale to believe that the reason there is everything instead of nothing is nothing but chance, yet many stick to their story. Perhaps, one day, some of them they will grow up, admit the ridiculousness of the mathematical probabilities , see the video of themselves and be able to laugh at what they thought in their toddler stage, or even in their toddler tantrum stage against the clear truth of God’s being and power. Some, sadly, never will and will stick to their own story to their own eternal distress.

God Bless you; but pray that God will bless some of the “Chance” toddlers with intellectual honesty and integrity. May they escape the fairy story they keep on persisting in telling in the wavering hope that they themselves let alone others will believe it.


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  1. kim ennis says:

    Did you know that Winnie the Pooh filled up a garage lock with gravel
    causing mayhem!
    Are they working together….

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  2. SUPER ENTRY and entertaining to boot:)


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