“It says somewhere…”

Well, those who know me will know that my memory is not great. Some who know me well say that is not the case and maintain that I have a very good memory but it is selective. All  I know is that more and more I find myself remembering a “quote” but for the life of me cannot remember the book it is from. I can remember a bible verse but not the numbers in terms of Chapter and verse. Given time, I can sometimes get there.

I take great comfort from the fact that some of the writers of Scripture itself seem to have had the same problem. To write, “It says somewhere” caused them no embarrassment at all! I have been mentioning quotes in my preaching for years adding, “I can’t remember who said it or where they said it.” I know it will offend some of you, but if I cannot remember where a bible verse is from, well from time to time from now on in certain situations  I might just say, “It says somewhere.” If it is good enough for bible writers, it is good enough for me.

Part of the effects of drugs I am on, to do with side effects of side effects of side effects of other medication is that I cannot even remember what I have read in the bible ten minutes after I have read it. That has been causing me a bit of upset, but here’s the thing: I have noticed that God does not seem to mind. I have prayed He will help me with that difficulty; prayed with a sense of upset.

Today, the upset flew away. The memory of chapter and verse and what I had read in my devotions this morning, did not fly in in its place. Rather, there was a sense of  divine compassion for weakness, coupled with an invitation to recognise the Presence of God in the course of a day, to have a more attentive spirit to what He might say at any given moment.

I come to the end of this day, not remembering what I read in the bible. It is not unsurmountable. Thank God that I can open it and read it again. However, I also come to the end of a day in which I have experienced the direct witness of the Holy Spirit speaking of God’s love for me in all matters. The first occasion when  I was aware of that today was when I was concerned  about the health of a plant!  The love and peace of God came and rested upon me indicating all was well. The second occasion… well I can’t quite remember just now, but it was light and beautiful whatever it was….

God bless


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    It is all stored safely somewhere in Gods heart.


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