Is your God monotone?

Rested the whole day. As I did so, I realised how much that was needed, there is no alternative for me as of now. I have also become aware of the God who speaks in many tones, all consistent with one another, but very varied.

Over the years I have been set free from listening to tones and voices not from Him. I guess that distinguishing of truth and lie is one that the Holy Spirit needs to help us with right from the start, even before we have had much chance to learn much of the Word of God. It is divine help we need even after we know something of the Word, as the devil uses the truth of Scripture as the basis of his lies. Most of his lies ride into the lives and thinking of believers on the back of God’s Word. That thought has scriptural backing; you can think it through for yourself and find the Scriptures that make it obvious.

However, distinguishing the tone in which God is speaking to us in at any given moment, i.e the right truth He wants us to hear right now, is sometimes more difficult. Why? Well if we are familiar to listening for one tone it can be difficult to hear other tones.

Let me give you a personal example. I guess that for me and for many more often what we notice is a sort of military tone. That is there in Scripture and we need to listen to it. It is a tone which I can hear regularly for reasons that I won’t go into for now. However it is not the only tone. If I allow God only a monotone voice then I miss the full teaching of Scripture, am not faithful to the writings and ministry of the Apostles,  will not discern the immediate voice of the Spirit and will damage myself in spirit, soul and body.

Today God has been speaking to me in a very specific tone which is not one that I always hear easily. I feel no need to hide the way in which the voice came to me. It came in the form of various pictures of rest. The effect of each of them was very physical. I felt myself under the blanket of the kind and compassionate hand of God, and heard one word, “Rest.” For me resting is the weapon that is effective as at this moment! I have failed to use it at many moments over the years. Today, I was hearing the tone of a nurse and a mother which the Apostles spoke in at times. The paradox is they were not always in militaristic tone as they spoke of ways that lead to victory!

WHAT TONE OF VOICE DO YOU FIND IT DIFFICULT TO RECEIVE? Take a look at your relationships with other people for clues: which tones are difficult for you there; Compassion, thanksgiving, correction, gentleness, compliment, warning, affection, approval etc., etc..

All of us can hear God. Jesus promises that. If we have trained our ears or had our ears trained by other influences  to listen for a scriptural but monotone voice, we need help to hear a wider range. Maybe you need to ask for that help today. It will help you, most certainly and lead to better health for spirit, soul and body; If you minister in some way or another, it will help others, help to set the captives, especially those captive to their own religion,  free.

God Bless



2 comments on “Is your God monotone?

  1. susiejean1 says:

    And as you rest, may you heal


  2. judithjamesdavies says:

    I should have read this before I commented on your last blog, of course you knew rest is a weapon. Sorry for being presumptuous…….I may even have heard it from you…God bless you Kenny. I love to read your blogs


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